Tuesday, June 9, 2009

new airbrush helmet COMING!!!!

wassup bro sis and frenz..this is my special helmet..really really u guys wanna know how special it is??

Actually this helmet belongs to Rene Wolf who was an Olympic Champion(he used this helmet when he win gold medal at Athens Olympics 2004).Then ,he gave this helmet to Josiah Ng our track cyclist who is getting married sooner.
The story begins when i was attending World Cup Copanhagen,Denmark 2008..i qualified to 1st round in the individual sprint after recorded new ASIAN RECORD 10.160 and will race against Mark French from Australia..before i started my race,Josiah Ng came to me and said
"Azizul..u can do this man..u fast..u super fast..u better than him..believe it man..if u win against him,i give that helmet to u"....
and i said
"are u joking man?this helmet??u wanna give it to me??
he said.."yeah man..u know me right..u win..i give it to u ok..come on!!"
and i was ,damn.i must win.i really like that helmet..
during the race,i gave a vast concentration towards the race .... then ZZZZuuuuuPPPP!!!!!!!
i won...hahahaha
then guess what,Josiah gave that helmet to me...for real...cant believe it..but anyway,thanks a lot man..

close that story,,,,

now i wanna talk bout this helmet..i reckon only two riders used this helmet in the world who are Mathias John(Germany Sprinter) and me..this type of helmet basically use by ski-jumper and it is actually in plain colour only...
However, Ivan Verba from Czech Republic ,did the air brush design on the helmet with stars on the top and JOSIAH NG's name on the left side of this helmet..
i just made the new air brush with my name written on both side...
how kewl is dat huh??


Adib Rockzz said...

hope it will make u better in the future!!

apabila jari ayuku menari lentik said...


the helmet will follow u fly higher n higher.

firdaus2112 said...

Bro, should one day be like those legends... the title 'PocketRocketMan' is not for ordinary person.. Aim higher, and we would like you to beat the like of Sir Chris Hoy some day.. Asian Game 2010 keirin was impressive!!

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