Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My recent hobby

Salam and Hello to my cyclist fans out there.Hows your day so far?Well,im indeed busy and will be busy eternally to prepare for my new come back!However,even bz with training and stuff. Doesn't mean I have no time to explore my new hobby.To tell the world,i love gardening!
The Prophet was always keen to increase agricultural resources and to expand the healthy environment. He said: "Any trees a Muslim may plant, and any seeds he may cultivate from which man or animal, or any other creature, eats, count as an act of benefaction"62. He also said: "Whoever cultivates land that has been dead, that land becomes his own"63. However, he strictly forbade the cutting of trees. He said: "Whoever cuts a tree (unnecessarily) will have his head thrown directly into Hell"64.

As I've mentioned in several of my previous post.I just moved into a new home with a yard just begging to be gardened.And now that it's spring time!I love to cook as well and have a dream to make my house like Jamie Oliver's .As such,it's important that we eat from an organic plant.A highly important factor of health promotion is proper nutrition. Choosing wholesome food and avoiding what is unwholesome are essential to health. God says in the Quran: Eat of the good things which We have provided for you. (2:173) Eat of what is lawful and wholesome on the earth. (2:168) Describing the Prophet God says: He prohibits them from all that is foul. (7:157)

Anyway,here come the babies :-
spring onion/scallion also known as daun bawang
Vietnamese mint or daun kesum

Lets hope my plants will grow quickly so i can try myself to plant others too.Adios Amigous.

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ainwaheeda said...

rajinnya bercucuk tanam... good2!

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