Saturday, July 28, 2012

Olympic Jersey by Bicycle Line, Italy

As everyone knows, Olympic Games are the biggest event in every 4 years. Everybody has their own aim and the aim is only one to bring the medal to the country. I have been chosen to represent my country, Malaysia and that is a huge responsibility   for me. In order to cope with the duty, everything needs to be considering .Other than mental and energy, I believe my appearance is a must thing to regard. As a proud ambassador for Bicycle Line, I would like to take this opportunity to thanks Bicyle Line for their best, comfortable, aerodynamic jersey especially in giving me the greatest momentum towards the London Olympic 2012.

If you think of style, function and fit I would definitely recommended Bicyle Line. The product itself fit with my shape, my cycling and my aim. To cycle well, the jersey need to have the functionality and technical features .Indeed, im more considering to look good in my attire. Since cyclist, is my profession.
As far as I concerned, not everybody is sensitive to temperature at the same way. Sometimes, some jersey is not appropriate in certain weather. It can make you uncomfortable when cycling.However,with Bicycle Line,no matter where I am,no matter what temperature I’m dealing with, Bicycle Line still provide a suitable jersey depending on the range of temperature.

With the 20 years of experience designing the garments for professional cyclist, I am assured that Bicycle line can give the best anatomic body performance. It can give the best show and results especially during the London Olympic 2012.

Support me and Pray for me in the London Olympic 2012.



eszyamin said...

gudluck jijol..semua harapkan emas dari hang..usaha kuat2 yer..

Miss Mala said...

Gud luck & all d best. Moga emas milik kita. Yes to kayuhan emas..

nilam ns said...

dah mcm hrp azizul mmg laju dan menyengat mcm lebah tuk olimpik ni.The pocketrocket bee man!

nilam ns said...

Jersey tersebut hitam dan kuning seakan-seakan lebah bersama eye protecter yg kelihatan amat menarik.Saya hrpkan mmg azizul akan laju dan menyengat mcm lebah. The pocketrocket bee man!

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