Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Trip To Nara-Japan

Arrived at 7 am at Osaka Airport…it takes 2 hours to Nara Youth Hostel..hostel??shit?all of us have to stay in the hostel..?cyclist shoud stay in the hotel.The federation paid 350 usd for each cyclist per day.. previously, we were staying in the hotel..even its 2 star..but still ..HOTEL..!!

After had my lunch,I went back to the tack..and setting up my bike for my 1st training session in japan.however,it was a bad whether..and it was raining all the I decided to do roller for 30 minutes..then,rest


I Woke up and went for breakfast. Then, I went to the track exactly at 9.40 am.
The bus come so punctual..
Anybody who is so late and lagging definitely will go by themselves. Indeed, The Japanese had teach me to be cautious with time..

I woke up just like yesterday. Then I had my breakfast and took the bus. I started the training at 11 a.m like yesterday. I did some warm up,100 m on 96gear then standing ¼ lap team sprint x 2 times.

It was a racing day..”team sprint”..i did some warming up on roller..eddy used 94g and I used 98g while rizal used 100g.Malaysian vs Japanese .Japanese sent the strong combination of of them is nagatsuka who is the superstar sprinter in japan.He won silver medal during Olympic Athens in the team.Fortunately,We won the team sprint.indeed,it is so unbelievable…!!we never had a chance to win when compete with them.Great performance from us leading to win.Next,we ll race between Chinese for gold-silver tomorrow.


Team sprint final..i used the same gear. Eddy went out so smooth from the gate and gave the good pulled out for me to speed up for 2nd lap. At the 3rd lap,rizal fought against li wen hao.He finished almost the same with other competitor .When reached finishing line,everyone cant even judge who is the winner. so do us ..The crowd was so excited but we were so obscure..It took about half an hour to get the proven from pictures.Unfortuntely,the pictures are proven so that we lost!Indeed,the loosing of
the race wont give me that much impact because I still sastisfied with silver..hellyeahh!

Keirin qualifiying round.i got 2nd place for the qualifying heat right behind watanabe..i went straight to final round..there were watanabe & nagai (japan),choi lee seon (korea),mahmod parash(iran) me myself and rizal (Malaysia)..after the motorbike pulled out,rizal straight to the front to keep the pace up.i still in the middle ..waiting for nagai because I knew he will do something miracle at I thought before,he shoot out after the bell rang.i went out from the seat trying my best to catch him.finally I got the speed and passed him after the final corner even half of my bike wheel was in the air..OMG..i was dreaming..i obtained gold medal for keirin same like last year. shouting and clapping by the crowd totally made me feel honoured.i beat the S1 keirin rider again “nagai,send my regard to fushimi :)”..

Individual sprint day.. “i will try my best to get another gold for Malaysia tercinta..”
I was flying with 98 gear..the weather was so bad.. so cold!!my time was 10.689 the second faster after watanabe..who managed to get 10.605..Bad news, I had to race against eddy in the 1st round to determine the qualification of 2nd last faster.. So eddy decided to give it to me and we just had a light race just to show our tactic and dramatic to audience..,,thanks eddy..!then, I went back to have my lunch and rest!


Road for gold medal sprint was so close...i raced at the semifinal against Tan Qi from china who is a bronze medalist at the previous asian games doha...i raced for two heats which lead me out to win 2-0 victories.
At the final.i raced against Choi Seon from korea who is a silver medalist at Asian Games Doha.I did the same tactic like before and yet, I won the was so unbelievable. I got the gold medal in individual sprind and won 2-0 to choi.. undisputed and undeniable ..i am the king of sprint event in ASIA…azizul boleh..


Anonymous said...

hai..congrats coz got 2 gold medals in previous game..we malaysian are so proud of you..
keep on moving..we know that u can do better than that..all the best..
martabatkan nama malaysia di arena sukan antarabangsa..hehe..

pocketrocket said...

tanx lot..appreciate it..anyway,sape nih??

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