Sunday, February 15, 2009

White Jersey

there s no word i can so happy....extremely happy ....i feel so honored!
im gonna wear that jersey in becoming WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP at Pruszkow - Poland this coming 25-29 March 2009!

do visit this page for more updates


Taufiq said...

Great updates on the blog, keep it up.

Just nak tanya in Pruszkow which events will you be in and on what days???

WHat other events will Malaysian's be competing in??

The Pocket Rocketman said...

ill competing in sprint,keirin and team sprint..other malaysian
josiah-same as me
rizal-sprint,team sprint and 1km tt

Taufiq said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Taufiq said...

Insyallah kalau takde halangan ingat nak pi sat ke Poland kasik semangat apa yang patut. Sprints and Keirin lawan bila???? berapa haribulan.

Semua berita Hoy aje....Kenny pun kena lam radar jugak.

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