Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Have u had your shake today

Alhamdulillah,now officially im the sport ambassador for Herbalife product.For your information,Herbalife is a good nutrition product for your health and indeed can assure for a quality living. Other than me, there are 4 athletes with different sport background. Herbalife also sponsors a number of international sport teams and club .One of the top club is the UEFA champion, Barcelona . Indeed, world class football player Lionel Messi is one of the sport ambassador. Alhamdulillah, im truly honored !

From left :- me,Zaquan,Dato Dr Ronie Tan, Wee Wern and Cai lin

During the photo shoot session.Herbalife also provide a cool sporting apparel. If you guys out there love with the design dont hestitate to order it through the herbalife website. It is really recommended and desirable!
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Aqila Safuan said...

i'm so glad to hear this!

seriously im taking this product since 6 years ago.
real changes my family life .

alhamdulillah ..

aihanmujar said...

i'm happy for you too...herbalife is very good for our health.

hafiy said...

unbelievable, so proud of you to be Herbalife malaysia sports ambassador.
ive been using herbalife for 2 years, gain more energy, lost 20kg with proper nutrition diet.
now i coach people to get better health with herbalife products.

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