Monday, March 2, 2009

Sid Patterson Grand Prix 2009

Sid Patterson Grand Prix 2009..Saturday February 28
one of the big grand prix in Australia same like Austral Wheelrace and lot more other races..
there were Franco Marvulli(world point race champion,six day race champion) and some of the Germany riders take apart in this race which is made this race more tougher..

Lance Deluca Memorial scratch race

1 Azizul Awing (MAS)
2 Franco Marvulli (SUI)
3 David Pell (Aus)

Abalone King Restaurant Keirin

1 Azizul Awang (Mas)
2 Hafiz Suffian (Mas)
3 Junaidi Nasir (Mas)

Assos Cycling Apparel aces elimination

1 Leif Lampater (Ger)
2 Adiq Othaman (Mas)
3 David Pell (Aus)

Shimano scratch race

1 Kyle Marwood (Aus)
2 Harrif Salleh (Mas)
3 N Corrigan-Martella (Aus)

Baldwin Filters women’s scratch race

1 Fatehah Mustapa (Mas)
2 Jessica Laws (Aus)
3 Peta Stewart (Aus)

Shimano women’s handicap

1 Fatehah Mustapa (Mas) Scratch
2 Jessica Laws (Aus) 45m
3 Thomay Michaltsis (Aus) 65m

Vero motor paced scratch race

1 Harrif Salleh (MAS)
2 Maddison Hammond (Aus)
3 Kyle Marwood (Aus)

Baldwin Filters women’s Keirin

1 Fatehah Mustapa (Mas)
2 Jessica Laws (Aus)
3 Emma Waldron(Aus)


apabila jari ayuku menari lentik said...

Congrates Pocket Rocketman.

Proud to see u fly.

Fly high.


artisticklytouch said...

all the best dik....kasssikkk peccccaaaahhh!!!!

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