Monday, August 3, 2009

Release Tension

a method to release tension is screaming....after had a race last night,we went to Karaoke with all the friends including Tya and Nana from Geelong..That was our first time ,singing together and i didnt know that Melbourne has a karaoke hub with Malay rock kapak menjadi pojaan hatiku....Apis n Teha layang lagu jiwangs...lagu Indon...Quite fun!!Students and Athletes need something to release the tension rite!!

amacam ..ada style tak?gaya pro menyanyi...hahahaah

berduet lagu Ziana Zainzzzzz
Teha dan Apis berduet lagu exist
Apis supian yang gembira setelah mendapat bunga
Teha and Nana (Tya's housemate)

Next week,all of us will fly to Indonesia ...wish us ACC!if there is Malaysian in Kalimantan..we are welcoming all of support us for the Race!

Malaysia Boleh!!!


SiQaH said...

Good Luck in ACC..

Riezal said...

bro.. baru jumpa blog bro.. All the best.. kita release tension dulu .. moga sukses selalu bro :)

Aleeya said...

must train hard to improve singing...
Jia You!

joehaleezanalli said...

gud luck bro..kite org saport ko nyayi..walaupon agak merdu bunyi nya...huuhuhhuuh

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