Monday, January 26, 2009

a day to Great Ocean Road with YT

Twelve Apostles,,akhirnya sampai jua aku dkat tempat ni..even pejalan mengambil masa 6 hours..and its really a long journey..tapi nasib baik aku satu kerete ngan YT so x la boring sangat..YT suke tangkap gamba and now,im so addicted to take a picture like she was a nice place..and susah aku nk dpt experienced macam ni tambahan lagi sume abang2 and akak2 yang follow sume cool and baik-baik.Thanks a lot to abang lan,abang azian,abang irwan,kak anis,kak ros,kak laila,kak nor and others...all of u ,im so happy to join u guys!hope dpt join lagi bile2 free...
nampak tak batu kt belakang tu?ad 12 kesemuanya....sangat menakjubkan...

me with all Geelong's families ,Deakin University PHD and Master students

me with YT ..not to forget Rania (background) ,,us in torquay ..surfing place..!

gamba paling cool..
and i like it...because aku mcm lame gile x jmpe YT..
now,aku dah kat melbourne..and die plak kat geelong..
so macam jauh ..YT i need u...YT tgh busy setting up her house..
and YT punye kelas akan start soon..and die mesti busy gileee..
hope she ll be fine and study hard for our future =P
i love my YT!


cikun said...

Hi Azizul!!

hehe I've been in Great Ocean Road once!!
It was fantastic, right!!..

nway, hope you with Tya will be happy together ever after..and keep being NO 1 ok!!!

you're ROCKS!!

mama anis said...

Great Ocean Road, one the most picturesque place!
Subhanallah, that's the perfect word to praise the beauty of it.

Twelve Apostles tu dah jadi 11 Apostles sebab 1 dah runtuh.
See the one which collapsed in the 2nd photo.
Perhaps u have seen the entry at our fotopages.
K Ida took a lot of superb photos of it.

The next places you should go are Philip Island, Ballarat, Mornington Peninsula,Williamstown,and etc.
Congrates for the endless gold collecting.
Dah ramai family & students kat Geelong ye, dulu takde with families lagi kat area situ.

All the best & keep on exploring the beauty of Melbourne!

The Pocket Rocketman said...

to cikun: was fantastic there and long drive huh..but my hot butt on the seat for 3hours paid after seeing the beauty of the nature..
rockon babe!!:)

to mama anis:
tanx lot kak eni..pray for my success yer:)..ade bout 7 families here plus yang single2 tu skit..tapi ok laa.kenal ngan dey all nih dapatla pi jalan2..kalau tak weekend duk umah je la..tak pon essteller..pekena oxtail soup:)..
p/s:kim salam kat abg ha&anak2 buah ku

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