Saturday, January 31, 2009

i believe i can fly(again)

i believe i can fly..again..but still cant..why??why??...
i need more gas..more gas..
i dont need wings..dont need engine..
more pain and suffer on the bike..
and hope i can fly....
this is not rempit..this is the flying in a million
p/s:for all my homies,my fwen,dont try this at home!!!!


aswalovewan said...

Hi jijo..tak lama dah..due 5/2 nie...tgh sabor menanti nih..alhamdulillah, so far sehat walafiat lagi sampai skang..huhuhu...jijo camna?sehat...mcmana sana, bestla skang buah ati dah dekat..hehehe...take care k..

aina said...

hope u hppy with tya..
kawen jgn lupe jmput aina!!
if u r still remember me...:)

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