Monday, October 12, 2009

YT now is 24!!

Happy bufday to you...
Happy bufday to you....
Happpyyy buffffday to you my dear yayang..

JENNG!!JENGG!! already 24 fast huh..i feel like we just met yesterday ...

i pray that God Almighty will give the fullest success in your life..
...the greatest healthy 24/7..and the immortal relationship between us my love..
and not to forget, become one of the best architect in the world wokeyy..

thanks a lot for being my wing..keep hanging on my shoulder..and be part of my life..thanks a lot love..

i am so sorry there's no much suprise for your bufday this year yet there's still celebration right..for me, the time we spend and we had spent together is more important..

----------the end------------------------------------------------------------------------------

eventhough just landed from freaking long trip..and not feeling well..for my YT..i do need to do sumthing :)..ngeeeeeEEE

we went to Tulip Festival first near to Dandenong if i'm not mistaken..
then went to classical dinnet at the Lemongrass restaurant for the lovely Thai Cuisine..yuMMyyy
next,both of us went to st kilda for walk with the sunset background auwwww..
and finished it with Amigos, the Mexican restaurant..

LemonGrass restaurant..very delicioso restaurante...with the touch of the classic thai cuisine

Bufday gurl at the Tulip farm..yeaa..suke la you were TulipGurl

TulipGurl so happy bagai with the Hero by her side..aiks,awat baju kaler same??jengjeng..strong chemistry between us

nah amik ni!! tulips for you dear..hope you like it..u know what..tulip ni di import khas dari Holland wokehh..bukan senang nak dapat fresh tulip..wohooo..all different colour as colourful of our relationship

Amigos..Mexican restaurant..better try it than just look around..

mexican paella with vegetarian nanchos..amigo!!bueno deliciouso..muay buen!!!

as both of us very like cheesecake..we finished our day with enjoying this drolling cheese cake at the italian barkery shop..

The end...!
i love you ,,sayang!
Happy Birthday!
Have a great onee...

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