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Muke seorang pendekar ...

The real warrior is Asisulhasni Awang

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Cycling: Woes of Velodrom Rakyat

Arnaz M. Khairul

The 25-year-old Velodrom Rakyat  has been hit with never-ending woes despite numerous attempts to restore the track. — Picture by Muhaizan Yahya
The 25-year-old Velodrom Rakyat has been hit with never-ending woes despite numerous attempts to restore the track. — Picture by Muhaizan Yahya
AZIZUL Hasni Awang's horrific injury on the Siberian timber track at the velodrome in Manchester must now open the eyes to dangers in our own backyard.

Coaches of junior teams in the country and a number of cycling officials have raised the alarm over the state of the timber track at Velodrom Rakyat in Ipoh, the ill-fated 25-year-old facility that seems hit with never-ending woes despite numerous attempts to restore the track.

Question marks were raised when the academy, based at Velodrom Rakyat, was left in a limbo two months ago when coach Mahazir Hamad left the programme to take charge of the development squad in his home state Selangor.

It was by all means a demotion for Mahazir, a celebrated former national cyclists, but despite reserving his comments, hinted that all was not right at Velodrom Rakyat.

The Malaysian National Cycling Federation (MNCF) has once before, in 2005, suspended the use of Velodrom Rakyat after serious crashes suffered by cyclists in the ACC Track Asia Cup round as it hosted as its first event after supposed repairs were completed.

The velodrome had been left in a dilapidated state between 2000 and 2004, when a Timesport expose saw to it that the track would be repaired. At a cost of RM1.7 million from the Ipoh City Hall's (DBI) coffers, a return to action was promised, but Hafiz Sufian's unwanted souvenirs from the ACC Track Asia Cup showed repairs too weren't enough.

National cyclist Hafiz had crashed and had wood splinters stuck into his thigh, arms and back, some of which had to be surgically removed. That was in 2005.

Azizul's former coach Rozimi Omar, in charge of junior cyclists under the Dungun District Cycling Association (DDCA) has voiced his concern over the matter.

"When we have races at Velodrom Rakyat, I'm always worried, as we have junior cyclists under our care. Azizul's incident in Manchester was a freak accident, which was not expected to happen," said Rozimi.

"But at Velodrom Rakyat, a crash will almost certainly leave some wood splinters stuck into the bodies of cyclists. And with junior cyclists, we coaches will have to be responsible and often answerable to parents.

"I hope this matter will be viewed seriously."

MNCF technical and competitions committee chairman Maniam Manikkam said the federation was aware of the state of Velodrom Rakyat, but admitted there were still junior competitions planned at the facility for this year.

"We have included some rounds of the junior circuit to be held at Velodrom Rakyat, but before they are run this year I will be going to have a look at the track," said Maniam when contacted.

"We have received a number of verbal complaints, mostly from those worrying about the safety of riders. Should we find the track unsafe, we will not hesitate to suspend it from use again."

Maniam said there had also been recommendation for the track, which has often been criticised for being unsuitable as an outdoor facility with a timber track, to be converted into a cement track which could be the right solution to the problem.

"The MNCF track committee has suggested this to the owner, DBI, before. Maybe it is time to really push for this. There has been talk about building new velodromes, but we must first prove that we can take care of the existing ones," said Maniam

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Cycling: Azizul's grit saves his season

Arnaz M. Khairul
Azizul recovering in a hospital  in Manchester.
Azizul recovering in a hospital in Manchester.
AZIZUL Hasni Awang's split-second decision during the horrific crash in the keirin final of the Manchester UCI World Cup on Sunday, is something that has earned him more than fame.

His show of grit in jumping back on his bike with a wood splinter piercing his left calf, saved his entire season's hard work confirming his historic third UCI World Cup overall keirin title and keeping him in the lead in the Olympic qualifying rankings.

Had he not made that split second decision. Azizul's season would have ended in tatters with the injury ruling him out of the World Championships in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands on March 23-28 and he would have lost the lead in all the ranking that mattered.

"I didn't think much. After the crash, all I thought was about the UCI World Cup jersey. I needed to finish at least fourth to guarantee it, so I just got back on my bike and rode across the finish line," said Azizul, when contacted in Manchester yesterday.

"I felt pain when I crashed, as it was a hard tumble. But I didn't realise the splinter had pierced through until after I had crossed the finish line."

Doctors at the Royal Infirmary in Manchester, where Azizul had the nine-inch long splinter surgically removed from his calf yesterday morning, have told Azizul to stay off the bike for at least two weeks or until the wounds have fully recovered.

That effectively ruled him out of the World Championships, something the 23-year old from Dungun had programmed his whole season towards.

"I will have to take at least two weeks off, or more if required, to allow for the wound to fully heal. Pushing it would make it worse, so I think it would be better to allow proper recovery," said Azizul.

"Of course I'm disappointed that my season ended like this but under the circumstances, I will just have to accept fate.

"The top priority is next year's Olympics and I still have time to fully recover and prepare for the next World Cup season and continue the qualifying programme then."

Azizul was last night discharged from the hospital and boarded the flight together with his teammates back to their training base in Melbourne.

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Azizul’s fine after ‘giant toothpick’ is pulled out

PETALING JAYA: It has been described as a giant toothpick sticking out of his left leg by a British news-paper and Malaysian track cyclist Azizulhasni Awang can thank his lucky stars that his cycling career is still intact.

Azizul was recovering after undergoing surgery to remove a 20cm-long splinter of the Manchester Velodrome track that went through his left calf muscle during a crash at the Track World Cup last Saturday night.

Awang managed to remount his bike after the high-speed crash in the keirin final and stagger across the line to claim a bronze medal, earning him a third overall World Cup title as a result.

He was rushed to a local hospital but medics waited until Sunday to carry out the procedure, which coach John Beasley described as a very delicate procedure.

Thorny issue: The 20cm splinter removed from cyclist Azizulhasni Awang’s left calf.

“They said it’s best if they do it with all their experts around and when everyone’s fresh. The only way they can do it is by surgically going in from both ends and spreading it apart and pulling it out,” said Beasley.

Beasley decided to pull Azizul out of the World Championships in Holland from March 23-27 although he should be back on his bike by then.

For Beasley more important goal for Azizul is the Olympics in London and he wants his star rider to be on top by then.

“He’ll be right for the Olympics. Hopefully Chris Hoy will be in second place and he’ll be on the top,” he added.

The tale of Azizul’s rare injury and the grit he showed in getting back on his bike to complete the race was carried by the British and Australian papers.

“I’ve been involved in cycling a long time and you hear tales of these injuries, riders being speared through the ribs, but that is by far the worst I have seen although initially I wasn’t aware of it.

“I helped him back to his bike, having checking the rider’s head and state of mind.

“I feel really bad because I didn’t even see it,” added the head coach, who said adrenaline probably took Awang across the line.

“It wasn’t until later I knew he had the splinter,” he added.

Azizul was due to be discharged yesterday and team manager Datuk Naim Mohamad said he will be flown back to his Melbourne base to recover.

'Saya tidak akan patah semangat'

Ahmad Shabery Cheek (kanan) dan Zolkples Embong melawat Azizulhasni selepas menjalani pembedahan di Hospital Diraja Manchester, kelmarin. - UTUSAN

MANCHESTER, England - "Tidak... tidak...tidak... saya tidak akan patah semangat." Demikian tegas pelumba basikal negara, Azizulhasni Awang yang kini terlantar di Hospital Diraja Manchester di sini, selepas selamat menjalani pembedahan mengeluarkan serpihan kayu daripada kakinya.

Menurut pelumba kelahiran Dungun, Terengganu itu, meskipun sedih dengan kemalangan tersebut ia tidak akan mematah semangatnya, apatah lagi mengalah dan berundur daripada sukan tersebut.

"Saya mahu cepat sembuh dan kembali berlatih," katanya dalam pertemuan dengan wartawan Malaysia di sini, semalam.

Menurut pelumba yang mendapat jolokan The Pocket Rocketman itu, kemalangan kelmarin merupakan yang terburuk dalam sejarah kariernya sebagai pelumba basikal negara.

"Semuanya berlaku dengan pantas tetapi apa yang berlaku adalah risiko yang perlu ditanggung pelumba. Saya bersyukur kecederaan tidak serius," ujarnya.

Menurut Azizulhasni, selepas menjalani pembedahan selama hampir satu jam bagi mengeluarkan kayu yang menembusi betisnya, doktor memaklumkan kayu tersebut tidak mengena bahagian utama badan seperti saraf tulang.

"Sebenarnya saya hendak cabut apabila melihat kayu di betis. Pada mulanya saya tidak terasa apa-apa tetapi selepas seketika saya terasa pitam sebelum rebah di trek selepas menamatkan perlumbaan tersebut," katanya.

Utusan Malaysia difahamkan ketika kemalangan berlaku Azizulhasni berada pada kedudukan baik untuk memotong pelumba Scotland, Chris Hoy yang memenangi perlumbaan akhir keirin Piala Dunia Klasik, kelmarin.

Azizulhasni menambah, beliau yakin kemalangan tersebut ada hikmahnya dan tidak akan menjejaskan peluang bertanding di Sukan Olimpik 2012.

"Sekarang kedudukan dalam ranking pun masih selamat dan saya harap dapat balik cepat untuk menjalani latihan," ujarnya.

Perbualan yang turut dihadiri oleh Menteri Belia dan Sukan, Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek, Ketua Pengarah Majlis Sukan Negara (MSN), Datuk Zolkples Embong serta Naib Presiden Persekutuan Berbasikal Kebangsaan Malaysia (PKBM), Datuk Naim Mohamad bertukar sebak apabila Azizulhasni seketika sempat berbicara buat pertama kali bersama ibu dan isteri selepas kemalangan tersebut.

Dalam pada itu, Shabery berkata, doktor memaklumkan kecederaan yang menimpa Azizulhasni merupakan kecederaan biasa.

"Mengikut perkiraan pakar dia mungkin boleh kembali berlatih dalam tempoh dua atau tiga minggu lagi," katanya.

Beliau menambah, kerajaan sedia menghantar Azizulhasni menjalani lawatan ke luar negara jika perlu kerana dia merupakan prospek utama untuk meraih pingat emas pertama negara pada Sukan Olimpik 2012.

Dalam usia 23 tahun berbanding Hoy 33 tahun, Azizulhasni masih berada pada rankingpertama UCI.

Biarpun sekadar memenangi gangsa pada perlumbaan kelmarin, ia sudah memadai untuk membawa Azizulhasni mempertahankan kejuaraan keseluruhan Piala Dunia Klasik buat kali ketiga. - Utusan

Keluarga risau, kagum pengorbanan Azizul

Selamiah Yong tergamam melihat kecederaan Azizulhasni Awang yang dipaparkan di muka depan dan belakang akhbar Utusan Malaysia sewaktu beraksi dalam acara keirin akhir Siri Piala Dunia Klasik di Manchester ketika ditemui dirumahnya di Kampung Nibong Stesen, semalam. - UTUSAN/AZLAN BAHRUM

DUNGUN - Keluarga Azizulhasni Awang di Dungun terkejut apabila dimaklumkan mengenai kecederaan dialami jaguh lumba basikal negara sewaktu menyertai acara keirin akhir Siri Piala Dunia Klasik di Manchester, England, kelmarin.

Namun begitu, mereka tetap kagum dengan semangat serta pengorbanan tinggi Azizulhasni yang tidak mudah menyerah kalah demi maruah negara.

Menurut ibunya, Selamiah Yong, 47, walaupun bimbang dengan kecederaan yang dialami Azizulhasni tetapi kesungguhan serta komitmen tidak berbelah bahagi anaknya itu kepada negara menjadi kebanggaan mereka.

Tambah beliau, Azizulhasni akan pulang ke tanah air seminggu sebelum majlis persandingannya di Perak yang dijadual pada 2 April ini.

Katanya, beliau dimaklumkan mengenai kejadian yang menimpa Azizulhasni sejurus menerima panggilan telefon daripada seorang pegawai Majlis Sukan Negara (MSN) pada hari kejadian.

"Masa terima panggilan itu, hanya Tuhan yang tahu betapa risau dan terkejutnya saya mengenai nasib yang menimpanya (Azizulhasni).

"Saya hanya mampu berdoa agar dia di sana tak serius dan selamat. Inilah pengorbanan besar dia kepada negara yang tiada tolok bandingnya," katanya ketika ditemui di rumahnya, Kampung Nibong Stesyen dekat sini, semalam.

Menurut Selamiah, Azizulhasni ada menghubunginya menerusi khidmat pesanan ringkas (SMS) semasa dirawat di hospital di Manchester malam semalam.

Katanya, Azizulhasni memintanya dan seluruh keluarga di sini agar jangan bimbang dengan kecederaannya di sana.

"Kira-kira pukul 11 malam tadi, dia SMS saya dan dia harap supaya kami di sini janganlah bimbang kerana kecederaan yang dialami tak begitu serius.

"Walaupun begitu, saya tetap risau keadaannya kerana tengok pada gambar dia dalam akhbar hari ini, keadaannya serius dan dia mengerang kesakitan, kasihan dia," ujarnya sedih.

Selamiah juga berkata, anaknya itu sudah keluar dari hospital di Manchester semalam sebelum menaiki penerbangan ke Melbourne, Australia malam tadi (malam ini).

Beliau difahamkan, atas nasihat doktor yang merawat Azizulhasni di Manchester, anaknya itu perlu berehat selama dua minggu sehingga benar-benar pulih.

Jaguh trek negara itu selamat dibedah selepas mengalami kecederaan ngeri, tertusuk serpihan kayu di betis kirinya akibat kemalangan dalam laluan memenangi pingat gangsa Piala Dunia klasik.

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Betis tembus tertusuk kayu


AZIZULHASNI dalam kesakitan selepas betisnya tertusuk serpihan kayu  dalam perlumbaan di Manchester, semalam.
AZIZULHASNI dalam kesakitan selepas betisnya tertusuk serpihan kayu dalam perlumbaan di Manchester, semalam.
MANCHESTER: Menahan kesakitan akibat betis kirinya tercedera tertusuk serpihan kayu trek, pelumba basikal negara, Azizulhasni Awang tetap menamatkan perlumbaan untuk muncul juara keseluruhan Kejohanan Trek Berbasikal Siri Piala Dunia di sini, pagi semalam.

Terdahulu, Azizul terbabit dalam perlanggaran di selekoh terakhir saingan sirkit terakhir di Velodrom Manchester tetapi bangkit untuk meraihkan tempat ketiga. Ia sudah memadai bagi Azizul merangkul juara keseluruhan siri berkenaan.
Perlumbaan itu dimenangi oleh Chris Hoy dari Britain yang juga mendapat tempat kedua secara keseluruhan.
Pelanggaran kelajuan tinggi di selekoh terakhir itu turut membabitkan Kamil Kuczynski dari Poland, Edward Dawkins (New Zealand) dan Juan Peralta Gascon (Sepanyol). Di kala Azizul meneruskan semula kayuhan, Dawkins menolak basikal ke garisan penamat, manakala Peralta berlari tanpa basikal yang menyebabkan penyertaannya dibatalkan.

Dengan serpihan kayu sepanjang 17.5 sentimeter (kira-kira tujuh inci) menembusi belakang betis ke tulang keringnya, anak muda dari Terengganu itu menunggang semula basikal dan membuat henjutan semula untuk memenangi pingat gangsa dan terus dibawa ke hospital untuk pembedahan selepas itu.

Hoy, seorang daripada dua yang menamatkan perlumbaan tanpa terbabit dalam pelanggaran berkata: “Azizulhasni biasanya akan membuat henjutan dan pecutan untuk memintas... jadi sesuatu yang seumpama itu mungkin tidak dapat dielakkan berlaku terhadapnya.”

Ketua Pengarah Majlis Sukan Negara (MSN) Datuk Zolkples Embong yang turut berada di Manchester menyaksikan kejohanan itu, berkata Azizulhasni menjalani pembedahan kecil bagi mengeluarkan serpihan kayu itu dan berdasarkan ujian imbasan X-Ray, serpihan kayu itu tidak mendatangkan kecederaan serius pada tisu betis dan tidak mengenai tulang Azizulhasni.
“Azizulhasni memberitahu saya dia tidak berasa sakit dan hanya menyedari selepas berjaya menamatkan perlumbaan. Ketika dalam ambulans ke hospital, Azizulhasni yang menahan kesakitan masih sempat bercerita kepada saya mengenai hasratnya untuk mengejar pingat emas di Sukan Olimpik London 2012 nanti,” katanya.

Azizul the first cyclist to bag three consecutive overall titles


PETALING JAYA: A plucky Azizulhasni Awang made his way into the history books as the first track cyclist to capture a third successive World Cup overall title in the keirin event despite earning a bronze medal in the final leg in Manchester in the most extraordinary circumstances on Saturday evening.

The 23-year-old had made the top-six final and was attempting to come through a gap to catch triple Olympic champion Chris Hoy of Britain who had sprinted clear when he crashed into Spaniard Juan Gascon Peralta while doing close to 50mph.

The others failed to avoid the scrap and collided into each other.

But somehow Azizul managed to get back on his bike after the dramatic crash to stagger across the finish line for the bronze despite a nine-inch long wooden splinter piercing his left calf.

Azizul, who ended a 40-year drought in cycling by winning the Asian Games gold medal in Guangzhou last year, did not made it to the podium ceremony as he was stretchered out of the arena.

The burly Hoy did not disappoint the sell-out home crowd as he surged past his opponents down the back straight as the bell rang for the final lap to clinch his second World Cup gold medal for the 2010-2011 season after earning his first in Melbourne three months earlier.

Azizul claimed the World Cup overall title and the coveted white jersey with a total of 28 points in the final standings after four legs.

Hoy was second, four points behind, while Simon van Velthooven of New Zealand, the winner of the third leg in Beijing, was third on 18 points.

Azizul was the winner of the second leg in Colombia in December and he also reached the final in Beijing where he finished sixth.

It was crucial for Azizul to qualify for the final despite competing against a classy field led by Hoy to defend his World Cup overall title and he indicated his intention from the start by advancing to the second round in style after winning his first round heat.

The two-time World Championships silver medallist rider went on to earn a place in the final after coming in third in the second round heat behind Edward Dawkins of New Zealand and Niblett.

Team manager Datuk Naim Mohamad said it was really unfortunate for Azizul to be pierced by the splinter from the timber track.

“The Spanish rider crowded into Azizul’s lane and took out his wheel, sliding for about a few metres on the track with his bicycle.

“That’s when it must have scraped the timber track and the wooden splinter pierced Azizul’s left calf coming in from the back and went right through to the front.

“Peralta crossed the finish line without his bike and he was disqualified and Azizul was promoted.

“But his place as the overall winner was in the bag after making the final earlier. It’s a glorious moment but for the accident,” said Naim from Manchester.

Fellow Malaysian cyclist Josiah Ng missed out on the final when he finished fourth in the second round heat but had the consolation of finishing ahead of reigning world champion Gregory Bauge of France.

Josiah, the country’s first Commonwealth Games champion in track cycling, had to come back to win the repechage after failing to win the first round heat to earn automatic entry for the second round.

Cycling: Azizul retains crown amid horror show

Arnaz M. Khairul

 Malaysia’s Josiah Ng (top) and Germany’s Rene Enders  crash in the  keirin semi-final in Manchester yesterday. — AFP picture
Malaysia’s Josiah Ng (top) and Germany’s Rene Enders crash in the keirin semi-final in Manchester yesterday. — AFP picture
AZIZUL Hasni Awang stole the show at the track World Cup with his heroics in Manchester, England, on Saturday.

Despite a crash involving four riders resulting in his leg being pierced by a wood splinter, Azizul managed to get back on his bike and stagger across the line.

The crash involved Azizul, Poland's Kamil Kuczynski, Edward Dawkins of New Zealand and Juan Peralta Gascon of Spain.

Azizul got back on his bike, while Dawkins pushed his over the line. Peralta ran to the finish line without his bike and was disqualified.

Azizul managed to bag the bronze medal, which was enough to retain his overall World Cup keirin title.

Azizul was promoted to third after Peralta was disqualified. But he missed his moment on the podium because he was on his way to hospital.

Britain's Chris Hoy, who won the gold, was one of only two riders who completed the race without crashing. Azizul pipped Hoy to the keirin series title that covers the four meetings that constitute the track World Cup.

National track team manager Datuk Naim Mohamad, who was with Azizul at the Royal Infirmary in Manchester, said Azizul was awaiting a scan yesterday morning before doctors determined the best way to remove the wood splinter from his leg.

"They have to do the scan to find out if the splinter pierced any veins or arteries, which could complicate things. The specialists say if all is well, Azizul will recover within a week."

"This just showed what a fighter Azizul is.

"You look at the splinter sticking out of his leg like that and you can't imagine how he managed to ride on and win the bronze medal."

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Azizul obtuvo el bronce y una astilla de madera en su pantorilla

Azizul Awang
Azizul Awang Foto: ©

Azizul Awang

Foto: Tony Collins / PhotoSport

Ayer 19 de febrero, en la final del Keirin ganada por el inglés Chris Hoy, en la Copa del Mundo que se celebró en Manchester este fin de semana, en la última curva con 4 de los 6 pilotos eliminados se produjo una fuerte caída de tres pisteros, el más perjudicado fue el malayo, campeón de la prueba del Keirin en la Copa Mundo de Pista de Cali (diciembre 2010) Azizul Awang, de 23 años, a quien se le ensartó un fragmento de madera de pista en la pantorrilla izquierda, se recuperó notablemente al caerse y volvió a montar en su bicicleta para cruzar la línea de meta en el tercer lugar, detrás de Jason Niblett.

El accidente involucró a cuatro pilotos: Azizul, Kamil Kuczynski de Polonia, Edward Dawkins de Nueva Zelanda y Juan Peralta Gascon de España.

Awang, sin embargo, pronto se detuvo después de la línea de meta, al sentir la agonía con la pantorrilla atravesada por la madera. El que ha ganado medallas del Campeonato Mundial en las dos últimas temporadas, espera la eliminación de la astilla de 20 cm de largo en el Hospital Royal de Manchester, según los medios de comunicación locales.

Un funcionario del equipo de Malasia dijo: "No tiene huesos rotos, es solo la astilla, el especialista la sacará cuando encuentre la mejor manera de hacerlo, el médico dice que se recuperará una semana después de la operación."

Se espera que Awang esté en forma para el Campeonato Mundial en Apeldoorn, Holanda, que comenzará el 23 de marzo.

Peluang ke Olimpik tetap ada - Menteri

Peluang ke Olimpik tetap ada - Menteri

MANCHESTER - Kecederaan ngeri yang menimpa jaguh trek negara, Azizulhasni Awang turut mendapat perhatian Menteri Belian dan Sukan, Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek yang sempat meluangkan masa untuk melawat pelumba itu di Hospital Diraja Manchester, semalam.

Ahmad Shabery berkata, walaupun kecederaan itu kelihatan parah tetapi hasil pemeriksaan doktor mendapati kayu yang tercucuk pada betis pelumba itu tidak mengena tiga bahagian penting iaitu saluran darah utama, otot dan tulang kaki.

"Alhamdulillah keadaan dia stabil dan pada masa ini dia baru menjalani pembedahan kecil mengeluarkan kayu tersebut.

"Saya difahamkan pihak hospital melakukan segala yang terbaik untuknya dan sama-sama kita berdoa supaya dia cepat sembuh," katanya kepada pemberita di Hospital Diraja Manchester, semalam. Dalam kejadian tersebut, pelumba berusia 23 tahun itu cedera selepas terjatuh pada perlumbaan akhir kierin Piala Dunia Klasik UCI.

Walaupun kayu masih tercucuk pada betis, pelumba kelahiran Terengganu itu bangkit menamatkan perlumbaan untuk memperoleh pingat gangsa.

Perlumbaan akhir tersebut dimenangi jaguh Britain, Chris Hoy.

Ahmad Shabery berkata, berdasarkan semangat yang ditunjukkan Azizulhasni, beliau yakin pelumba harapan negara itu mampu sembuh lebih awal.

"Kita berharap semangat seperti ini akan dicontohi oleh seluruh atlet negara," katanya.

Beliau menambah, kerajaan akan meneliti laporan doktor sebelum membuat keputusan lanjut tentang rawatan susulan yang perlu dilalui oleh Azizulhasni.

Dalam pada itu, Ahmad Shabery yang dalam lawatan kerja rasmi ke United Kingdom berkata, Azizulhasni tetap berpeluang untuk layak ke Sukan Olimpik dan seterusnya berusaha mendapatkan pingat emas pertama negara.

Menurutnya, kecederaan itu juga tidak akan menganggu usahanya untuk layak ke temasya berkenaan kerana keazaman dan juga ketabahan yang beliau tunjukkan.

"Dengan kedudukan itu dan mata yang beliau kumpul, Azizulhasni masih lagi berkedudukan sebagai pelumba No. 1 dunia bagi acara kierin.

"Saya percaya selepas pulih, beliau mampu untuk memberikan persembahan terbaik dan seterusnya melayakkan diri ke sukan Olimpik nanti," katanya. - UTUSAN

Azizulhasni selamat dibedah

Azizulhasni selamat dibedah

PENOLONG jurulatih, Harnizam Basri (kanan) memapah Azizulhasni yang mengalami kecederaan ngeri sebaik sahaja dia berjaya melintasi garisan penamat dengan meraih pingat gangsa dalam acara keirin akhir Siri Piala Dunia Klasik di Manchester, semalam.

KUALA LUMPUR – Jaguh trek negara, Mohd. Azizulhasni Awang selamat dibedah selepas mengalami kecederaan ngeri, tertusuk serpihan kayu di betis kirinya akibat kemalangan dalam laluan memenangi pingat gangsa pada Siri Piala Dunia Klasik di Manchester, semalam.

Azizulhasni bersama empat lagi pelumba terlibat dalam kemalangan, menyebabkan serpihan dari trek kayu sepanjang 23 sentimeter tertusuk di betisnya. Dia tetap meneruskan perlumbaan selepas kemalangan dan hanya menyedari tentang kecederaan yang dialami selepas menamatkan saingan.

Kecederaan tersebut sekali gus menutup terus hasrat pelumba kelahiran Dungun, Terengganu itu beraksi di Kejohanan Trek Dunia yang akan berlangsung di Apeldoorn, Belanda bulan depan.

Insiden tersebut terjadi dalam acara keirin akhir menyaksikan pelumba sedang berasak-asak untuk melintasi garisan penamat sebelum berlakunya pelanggaran sesama sendiri dalam kelajuan 60 atau 70 kilometer per jam.

Ia bermula dengan pelumba Sepanyol, Juan Peralta Gascon tergelincir sebelum terlanggar Azizulhasni yang mewakili pasukan trek profesional negara, Yayasan Sime Darby (YSD) diikuti dua pelumba lagi terjatuh, Kamil Kuczynski (Poland) dan Edward Dawkins (New Zealand) namun keempat-empat mereka bangkit meneruskan perlumbaan dengan cara yang berbeza.

Azizulhasni bangkit semula sambil dibantu jurulatihnya, John Beasley untuk meneruskan perlumbaan dan tidak sedar serpihan kayu tertusuk dari bahagian kanan menembusi bahagian kiri betisnya, manakala Dawkins melintasi garisan penamat sambil menolak basikalnya.

Gascon pula dibatalkan perlumbaannya selepas dia bangun tetapi berlari menuju ke garisan penamat tanpa basikalnya, selepas dia berlari itu barulah jurulatih ataupun pegawainya memberikan basikal tetapi ia tidak dikira.

Perlumbaan tersebut dimenangi oleh pelumba sensasi Britain, Chris Hoy manakala pingat perak milik Jason Niblett dari Australia, namun hanya dua pelumba itu sahaja berada di podium manakala Azizulhasni dikejarkan ke Hospital Royal Manchester untuk mendapat rawatan lanjut.

Bagaimanapun pingat gangsa itu sudah cukup buat Azizulhasni muncul juara keseluruhan Piala Dunia Klasik mengatasi Chris Hoy dan berada di ranking No.1 dunia Kesatuan Berbasikal Antarabangsa (UCI) bagi acara keirin.

Menurut Ketua Jurulatih, John Beasley, Azizulhasni selamat dibedah dan tidak mengalami kecederaan yang terlalu serius, tetapi pemenang pingat emas keirin Sukan Asia Guangzhou 2010 itu tetap tidak boleh mengambil bahagian pada Kejohanan Dunia kerana perlu berehat lebih panjang.

“Ia untuk mengelak risiko berlakunya darah beku dalam saluran darah dan doktor juga telah memberitahu saya beberapa jam selepas kejadian tersebut bahawa Azizulhasni tidak boleh menyertai Kejohanan Dunia,” katanya dalam khidmat pesanan ringkas (SMS) kepada Utusan Malaysia semalam.

Sementara itu, Timbalan Presiden Persekutuan Kebangsaan Berbasikal Malaysia (PKBM), Datuk Naim Mohamad berkata, Azizulhasni telah menjalani imbasan x-ray dan pembedahan kecil di hospital tersebut namun peluangnya untuk beraksi pada Kejohanan Trek Dunia seakan-akan sudah berakhir.

“Selepas menjalani pembedahan kecil dan berehat kita akan melihat semula situasi Azizulhasni cuma apa yang dia sempat beritahu saya adalah tidak mahu ibu dan isterinya risau, begitu juga dengan peminat seluruh Malaysia.

“Dia tidak mahu orang salah faham mengenai kecederaan ini yang tidak akan menjejaskan peluangnya untuk beraksi di London 2012, begitu juga dengan kariernya, dia amat mengharapkan sokongan semua pihak,” katanya ketika dihubungi Utusan Malaysia semalam.

Azizulhasni juga sempat memberitahu Ketua Pengarah Majlis Sukan Negara (MSN), Datuk Zolkples Embong, ketika berada di dalam ambulans menuju ke hospital bahawa dia tidak berasa sakit dan hanya menyedari setelah berjaya menamatkan perlumbaan.

"Ketika dalam ambulans ke hospital, Azizulhasni yang menahan kesakitan masih sempat bercerita kepada saya tentang hasratnya untuk mengejar pingat emas di Sukan Olimpik 2012 nanti,” katanya.

Menurut Ketua Pengarah Institut Sukan Negara (ISN), Datuk Dr. Ramlan Abdul Aziz, ia masih terlalu awal untuk menjangkakan berapa lama Azizulhasni perlu berehat sebelum dapatkembali beraksi.

Katanya, ini kerana apa yang lebih penting ialah serpihan kayu trek yang tertusuk menembusi betis kiri pelumba negara itu perlu dikeluarkan terlebih dahulu, dan hanya selepas itu barulah boleh dinilai sejauh mana tahap kecederaan sebenarnya.

Kejohanan Trek Dunia akan bermula pada 23 hingga 27 Mac depan dan Azizulhasni sangat bersemangat untuk membalas dendam terhadap kekalahannya kepada Hoy dalam acara keirin akhir di kejohanan yang sama tahun lepas.

Azizul in front cover Utusan

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Peluang Azizulhasni pertahan jersi putih

Peluang Azizulhasni pertahan jersi putih

AZIZULHASNI (kiri) berpeluang mempertahankan gelarannya pada Kejohanan Berbasikal Trek Siri Piala Dunia.

MANCHESTER - Jaguh trek sensasi negara, Azizulhasni Awang berpeluang mempertahankan jersi putih selaku juara keseluruhan apabila berjaya mara ke separuh akhir acara Keirin pada Kejohanan Trek Berbasikal Siri Piala Dunia di Manchester semalam.

Selepas hanya mampu menduduki tempat ke-12 dalam acara pecut kelmarin, Azizulhasni berjaya menebus kekecewan tersebut dengan mempamerkan kayuhan bertenaga untuk memenangi saringan pertama acara Keirin.

Pada perlumban tersebut, pelumba yang dikenali sebagai The Pocketrocketman itu mengalahkan empat pelumba lain dari Ukraine, Andrii Vynokuro, Clemens Selze dari Austria dan Mazquiaran Uria Hodei dari Eustonia untuk mara ke separuh akhir.

Seorang lagi pelumba negara, Josiah Ng Onn Lam pula akan beraksi dalam kategori repechage selepas menduduki tempat kedua pada saringan kelima di belakang pelumba Jerman, Rene Enders.

Pada saingan separuh akhir, Azizulhasni bakal berdepan laluan mencabar apabila pemenang pingat emas Sukan Olimpik, Chris Hoy serta jaguh Perancis, Gregory Bauge turut memenangi saringan kedua dan ketiga untuk mara dalam pusingan yang sama.

Ketika ini pelumba yang dianggap calon terbaik untuk menghadiahkan pingat emas pertama Sukan Olimpik kepada Malaysia itu mendahului dengan 20 mata dalam tiga pusingan, diikuti pelumba New Zealand, Simon Van Velthooven (18), Scott Sunderland dari Australia (16) dan Hoy (12).

Kelmarin, Azizulhasni terpaksa berpuas hati dengan kedudukan ke-12 dalam acara pecut.

Keletihan mungkin menjadi sebab utama kepada kegagalan Azizulhasni dalam acara tersebut kerana pelumba berusia 23 tahun itu baru saja tiba di Manchester, Rabu lepas setelah menggalas nama Malaysia dalam Kejuaraan Berbasikal Asia (ACC) 2011 di Korat, Thailand awal minggu lepas.

Juara bagi acara pecut kelmarin dimenangi pelumba Perancis, Kevin Sireau yang menewaskan pelumba Britain, Jason Kenny manakala jaguh pecut Britain, Chris Hoy terkandas di separuh akhir kategori A.

Pada perlumbaan tersebut, Azizulhasni yang menduduki tempat kesepuluh dalam peringkat kelayakan dengan catatan 10.310 saat, terkandas di pusingan kedua setelah tewas kepada pelumba Perancis, Michael D'Almeida yang mencatat 10.702s.

Kekalahan itu menyaksikan Azizulhasni hanya layak ke penentuan 9-12 (kategori B) dengan berdepan pelumba dari China, Zhang Miao.

Pada suku akhir penentuan kategori itu, Azizulhasni berjaya mengalahkan Miao dengan catatan 10.885s sekali gus layak ke separuh akhir untuk bertemu Robert Forstemann dari Jerman.

Namun, pemenang pingat emas acara keirin Sukan Asia 2010 itu gagal menewaskan Forstemann (10.848s) di separuh akhir dan hanya mampu mara ke final penentuan tempat ke-11/12 dengan Damian Zielinsk dari Poland.

Pada pertemuan final penentuan ke-11/12 itu, Azizulhasni sekali lagi gagal mempamer kayuhan bertenaga dan tewas kepada Zielinsk dengan catatan 10.811s untuk berpuas hati sekadar di tempat ke-12.

Seorang lagi pelumba negara, Josiah Ng Onn Lam pula hanya mampu menduduki tempat ke-29 selepas hanya mencatat masa 10.545s di pusingan kelayakan.

Azizulhasni finishes race with splinter through leg (Updated)

MANCHESTER, England (AP) - Azizulhasni Awang won a bronze medal at cycling's Track World Cup on Saturday, and boy did he earn it.

The Malaysian rider managed to get back on his bike after a high-speed crash in the Keirin final and stagger across the line, but it was only afterward that the full extent of his injury became clear.

Pictures showed a large splinter of wood from the track had gone right through his left calf. Azizulhasni was given third, but missed his moment on the podium because he was on his way to hospital.

Malaysia's Azizulhasni Awang collapses with a splinter through his lower leg after a crash in the men's Keirin final. -AP Photo/Jon Super

His bronze was enough for him to capture the series title ahead of Britain's Chris Hoy, who won Saturday's race.

Hoy was one of only two riders who completed the race without falling. He said he did not realize what had happened behind him until he crossed the line.

"I was punching the air and showboating as I always do and when I came by the scoreboard I saw the officials pointing," Hoy was quoted as saying by the Press Association. "I saw one guy, then two and then three, but with the noise of the crowd I couldn't hear. "It was pretty nasty."

A splinter is seen through the leg of Malaysia's Azizulhasni Awang after a crash in the men's Keirin final during the Track Cycling World Cup. -AP Photo/Jon Super

The crash involved four riders: Azizulhasni, Poland's Kamil Kuczynski, Edward Dawkins of New Zealand and Juan Peralta Gascon of Spain.

Azizulhasni got back on his bike, while Dawkins pushed his over the line. Peralta ran to the finish line without his bike and was disqualified.

"Awang is always in there with the rough and tumble so it's almost inevitable it's going to happen to him at some point," Hoy said.

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