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Azizul eager to impress again after poor outing in Asian meet By RAJES PAUL

KUALA LUMPUR: After returning home empty handed from the Asian Championships in New Delhi last month, top national track cyclist Azizulhasni Awang is itching for some action again. The Olympian has set his sights on at least a podium finish when he takes part in a series of races in Cottbuss, Germany, in June in a bid to qualify for the World Cup Series in October. Azizul, who is based in Melbourne, said he returned from the Asian Championships with mixed feelings. “Initially, I was not listed to compete in the Asian Championships due to the delay in getting my visa done. I had not trained properly and all that I did in Malaysia was just training on the road,” said Azizul.

 “After a discussion with my coach John Beasley, we decided that the Asian meet will be part of my training. “We used the tournament to monitor my current condition and planned for my next training programme. “Of course, I felt disappointed that I returned empty handed from New Delhi but I was impressed with my timing.

 “Without proper training, I was able to clock quite good times at the start of the season. It gave my coach and I an idea on how to go about my plans for the year. “I am now looking forward for the few races in Europe (Germany) to collect points for the World Cup Series. I hope to race well, much better than the Asian meet and get the taste of one podium finish.” “My team-mates (Josiah Ng and Fatehah Mustapha) will be leaving first (to Europe) and I will join them after sitting for my final exam at the university,” said Azizul, who is doing his Sports Science degree at the University of Victoria. Azizul is now juggling his studies and train ing as well as being a parent. He is the father of a six-month old girl – Amna Maryam.

 “I’m all right despite being busy with training, attending classes and taking care of my little one,” he said. “Fatherhood is a great experience for me. The responsibility as a father somehow motivates me to train even harder. “When I come back home exhausted from training, the smiling face of my child just makes me forget about all those pain in my body.

” Azizul was also delighted to note that the Malaysian National Cycling Federation (MNCF) had taken steps to solve the issues of bungling officials during Asian Championships. Then, Azizul had tweeted about his dissatisfaction of how things were run which eventually exposed the absence of the team manager during one of the competition days. Azizul said he would continue to do his part to protect the interest of the cyclists.

 “It is a good lesson to show that no one is untouchable. “And when someone makes a mistake, they must accept it and make a change. It is for a better future,” said Azizul, adding that he would continue to highlight the plight of the cyclists through the social media platform.

Azizulhasni: Fatherhood Won't Slow Me Down

PETALING JAYA: Fatherhood has never stopped top Australian cyclist Shane Perkins from succeeding on the track, despite having to juggle between daily training and fulfilling his duties as a doting dad to two kids. Two world titles in individual keirin and team sprint two years after the arrival of his first son Aidan in 2008 and an Olympics bronze medal in London last August are testament to that. And Malaysia’s own track cycling ace Azizulhasni Awang is determined to do the same thing now that he is officially a father.
The 25-year-old welcomed a new addition to the family on Tuesday night when his wife, Athiah Ilyana Abdul Samad, gave birth to a healthy baby girl in her hometown in Ipoh. The proud father is glad everything turned out well as his wife was not due to deliver until Nov 18. “She gave birth to our daughter, who weighs 3.99kg, at 6.30pm.

My wife first complained of abdominal pain in the morning and was taken to the operation room in the afternoon," said Azizulhasni (pic). “The doctor advised her to deliver by Ceasarean-section as the baby is quite big. I feel on top of the world now that I am a father ... after waiting for months. “It feels greater than winning a gold medal. “I’m just glad both mother and child are okay,” said a proud Azizulhasni, who plans to name his child when she is exactly a week old.

 The cyclist, however, will be returning to Melbourne early next month to resume training, but he is determined not to miss out on the joys of parenthood. “My wife and baby girl will stay with my in-laws until the year is over. “I will take them to Melbourne after that. “If my wife decides to work, I’ll bring my daughter to the track,” said Azizul, who is only the second Malaysian after Josiah Ng to ride in an Olympics final in London in August. “I think everything can be sorted out. Shane brings his children to the track and he often says that his family is his biggest inspiration. He still became world champion and if he can go through these things, there is no reason why I can’t.” Azizul, a two-time World Championship silver medallist and Guangzhou Asian Games gold medallist, is skipping the second leg of the Track World Cup in Glasgow next weekend. He did not compete in the first leg of the World Cup in Cali last month either. Ummi Hamimah and Malek Marcus McCrone will carry the Malaysian challenge in the World Cup meet at the newly-built Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome in Glasgow. - The Star

Monday, April 29, 2013

First Time Overseas Voters Set To Vote Sunday, Hope For Continued Unity

 KUALA LUMPUR, April 27 (Bernama) -- First time overseas voters are all geared up to practice their right to vote in the 13th General Election (GE13) on Sunday through postal votes, including those from Australia where a large chunk of the total 6,360 overseas voters are currently residing. For three-time World Cup track cycling champion and Commonwealth Games medallist, Azizulhasni Awang, 25, who is currently studying at the Victoria University in Melbourne, he is all excited at being able to vote for the first time in GE13. Azizulhasni, who is pursuing a Bachelor of Sport Science in Human Movement, felt that his choice for the government, which would lead Malaysia for the next five years would also affect the development of athletes in the country. "I'm so excited. I can't describe my feelings now. Every vote counts. So I have to exercise my responsibility as a Malaysian to vote in the election as it determines the ruling government that will give benefits to the athletes," he told Bernama in an email interview. Azizulhasni, who has resumed training after a long break from the London Olympics, expressed hope that everybody would respect each other regardless of their political differences. "I hope everyone, it doesn't matter from which party you are, will still respect each other, because we are Malaysians. I love Malaysia. I hope the spirit of togetherness will last forever and also for a better Malaysia in the future," he said.

 In the United Kingdom, a third year accounting and finance student at the London School of Economics, Azeem Abu Bakar, who is also a first time voter, said he was excited because he would finally contribute to the country's political landscape. "I'm grateful that the election commission is extending its effort to empower our democratic rights by implementing postal voting. Without it, I will have to wait for another four or five years to vote simply because I'm not in the country now," he told Bernama. He said he was voting because he would regret it if the elections produce an "undesirable outcome" to him. "If I vote, I know that I have done what I could. Generally, the election would affect me through the socio-economic system that will be used by the party that wins to run the country," he added. Commenting on Barisan Nasional's and Pakatan Rakyat's move in lining up young candidates, he said that it was refreshing to see new talents, however they should be introduced to the public. He noted that both coalitions have created their own candidates' profile websites, namely for BN candidates and for PKR's candidates. Meanwhile, a final year postgraduate student at the University of Manchester, Norshah Aizat Shuaib, 24, also a first time voter, expressed hope for a peaceful and smooth polling. "Whatever the decision made by the people, hopefully Malaysia will continue to move forward and not merely talk about politics without any progress. Politics is important, but the progress of a country does not depend on that aspect alone," he said. He also hoped that Malaysians would be united regardless of the ruling government, to ensure that the sovereignty and peace in the country is protected, adding that criticising is good, but let it be for the betterment of the country. According to Election Commission chairman, Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof, the biggest number of postal voters reside in Australia, followed by United Kingdom and China. -- BERNAMA

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Taj Mahal : Keluhan pejuang sukan,anak bangsa Malaysia Azizulhasni Awang


Assalamualaikum wbt.

Malang sekali hari ini saya terpaksa membazirkan sedikit daripada waktu terluang saya untuk membuat penulisan ini. Objektif utama adalah untuk memberikan ulasan yang lebih lanjut kepada mereka yang mungkin tidak mengetahui situasi sebenar berkenaan isu panas ‘Taj Mahal’ yang berlaku ketika Kejohanan Berbasikal Asia di India bulan lalu.

Untuk pengetahuan semua, perkara seperti ini bukan baru sahaja berlaku dalam industri sukan kita lebih-lebih lagi dalam arena sukan lumba basikal, pelbagai ragam dan kerenah yang tidak enak memang sudah lama bertapak cuma tidak diketahui masyarakat. Saya percaya dan yakin, ramai diluar sana yang ingin menyuarakan ketidak puasan hati mereka apabila perkara seperti ini berlaku tetapi malangnya tiada siapa yang ingin mendengar rintihan dan keluhan mereka, juga tiada siapa yang ingin membesarkan perkara tersebut dan tiada siapa berminat untuk meng war-war kan isu itu untuk dijadikan perhatian.

Untuk makluman, Haji Ibrahim menghilangkan diri tanpa pengetahuan semua pihak. Ketika semua pelumba,jurulatih dan pegawai lain sedang sibuk di Velodrome, tiada siapa tahu dimanakah pengurus pasukan Malaysia. Pihak penganjur ada mencari pengurus pasukan berikutan mempunyai masalah dengan pita lagu negaraku, malangnya beliau tiada disana. Bayangkan jika Haji Ibrahim berada disana, sudah tentu masalah ini dapat diselesaikan dan ianya tidak menjadi isu besar!
Salah seorang pelumba yang tidak bertanding kebilik Haji Ibrahim sendiri untuk mencari beliau malangnya beliau tiada disana.Sekurang-kurangnya sebelum berangkat ke Taj Mahal, tinggalkan sepatah kata kepada mana-mana anggota pasukan supaya semua sedia maklum dan dapat bersedia. Para jurulatih,pegawai dan staff bantuan bergilir-gilir menjadi pengurus pasukan dek kerana terkejar-kejar dengan jadual perlumbaan yang padat. Saya mendengar sendiri keluhan dari jurulatih dan pegawai-pegawai lain selepas tamat perlumbaan hari itu dan pemergian Haji Ibrahim hanyalah diketahui setelah mereka pulang pada malam hari. Pendapat peribadi saya ini adalah suatu tindakan yang tidak bertanggungjawab.

Alasan yang diberikan untuk menjaga pasukan paralimpik ke Taj Mahal adalah alasan yang tidak masuk akal ketika pasukan trek sedang berjuang di Velodrome untuk mendapatkan pingat. Haji Ibrahim perlu lebih peka yang mana lebih penting dan tidak. Pasukan paralimpik Malaysia mempunyai jurulatih,pembantu jurulatih dan atlit sempurna yang cukup untuk membantu rakan yang kurang sempurna dan alasan untuk membantu mereka adalah tidak dapat diterima.Sebagai pengurus pasukan, Haji Ibrahim sendiri tidak mengetahui acara atlet-atlet yang bertanding dan waktu perlumbaan mereka. Ini menunjukkan ketidak pekaan beliau terhadap tanggungjawab yang diberikan. Saya tidak mempunyai masalah peribadi dengan beliau dan saya menghormati beliau sebagai yang lebih tua, saya juga ada meminta maaf setelah pulang dari India tempoh hari sekiranya saya membuat kesilapan tetapi apabila kita masuk ke bab kerja ataupun ‘bisnes’, tiada lagi istilah suka-suka.Semua harus memberikan tumpuan penuh yang komited.Saya melihat bagaimana jurulatih saya sendiri dan pegawai lain bangkit awal ,bertungkus lumus dan seharian berada di Velodorme untuk membantu para pelumba.

Ketika semua pelumba merujuk kepada Haji Ibrahim berkaitan masalah dobi untuk pakaian sepanjang kejohanan, jawapan mudah yang diberikan adalah beliau tiada bajet dan pihak persatuan tidak mempunyai duit. Begitu juga ketika para atlit membuat aduan tentang makanan yang disediakan oleh pihak penganjur tidak bersesuaian dimana mereka menyediakan kari masala ketika breakfast,lunch dan dinner. Haji Ibrahim hanya berkata yang beliau tidak boleh membuat apa-apa kerana itu yang disediakan oleh pihak penganjur dan kita terpaksa makan, tetapi apabila pengurus pasukan hong kong atau china (jika tidak silap saya), mereka membuat aduan untuk ubahan menu makanan,terus pada keesokan harinya menu makanan diubah dan ditambah dengan masakan chinese food. Ini menunjukkan tiada usaha yang dilakukan oleh pengurus pasukan kita berbanding negara lain. Dalam erti kata lain kalah sebelum bertanding.

Para pembaca sekalian, tujuan utama saya ‘tweet’ ketika berlakunya insiden tersebut adalah pertama kerana terkejut dan marah dengan apa yang berlaku kerana masih tiada perubahan didalam pengurusan oleh pihak persatuan dan perkara ini tidak sepatutnya lagi berlaku kerana berbasikal adalah salah satu sukan teras yang menjadi harapan untuk membawa pulang pingat emas pertama di Sukan Olimpik. Semua orang dapat lihat, telah berlakunya perubahan drastik didalam pencapaian atlet berbasikal diperingkat negara dan antarabangsa tetapi busuknya apabila prestasi pentadbiran masih ditakuk yang kuno!.

Keduanya, ini adalah tanggungjawab saya sebagai salah seorang pelumba elit negara untuk memperbetulkan permasalahan ini dan menolong adik-adik dan generasi seterusnya supaya mereka tidak ditimpa dengan insiden yang sama lagi. Saya mengambil peluang menggunakan status saya sebagai public figure dan ikon sukan berbasikal negara untuk menyuarakan perkara ini agar menjadi perhatian pelbagai pihak dan isu ini dapat dikupas demi kemajuan sukan berbasikal Malaysia. Bayangkan jika yang menyuarakan isu ini adalah dari kalangan pelumba junior, adakah isu ini akan menjadi ‘big wave’ seperti apa yang berlaku sekarang ini?

Tidak perlu saya menceritakan segala keaiban yang berlaku di Kejohanan ACC tempoh hari ataupun pada kejohanan sebelum ini kerana ianya akan lari dari nawaitu sebenar. Setiap perkara yang berlaku mempunyai sebab dan akibatnya dan yang paling penting adalah iktibar dan pengajaran yang harus diambil untuk melakukan perubahan dan seterusnya dijadikan pengisian untuk masa hadapan.
Kepada sesetengah pihak, kita harus sedar yang kita sudah berada di era yang baru. Berita dapat disebarkan keseluruh dunia dalam beberapa saat sahaja dan yang paling penting kebenaran tidak dapat dikaburi. Kita semua tidak dapat menafikan kuasa ‘social media’ adalah diluar jangkaan kotak pemikiran manusia dimana dunia yang terbentang luas ini telah menjadi amat kecil.

Dengan meledaknya isu ini, saya berharap sekurang-kurangnya, mereka yang tidak ikhlas didalam arena berbasikal ini akan takut untuk melakukan kesalahan pada masa hadapan. Rakan-rakan sekalian, amanah adalah suatu tanggungjawab yang besar diatas muka bumi, sebagai seorang beragama islam, amanah haruslah dijaga kerana ianya dituntut oleh Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. Sabda beliau,
“Tidak sempurna iman bagi orang yang tidak beramanah dan tidak diterima sembahyang orang yang tidak bersuci dan tidak sempurna agama, orang yang tidak diterima sembahyangnya- (Riwayat At-Tabrani). Sebagai seorang atlit, amanah yang diberikan untuk berjuang menaikkan martabat sukan negara mestilah di turuti. Begitu juga dengan tanggungjawab dan amanah bagi pihak lain juga. Mungkin didunia kita dapat lari dari kesalahan tetapi ingatlah akan datangnya akhirat nanti.

Saya menyeru kepada semua pihak untuk bangkit menjadi lebih matang dalam menyelesaikan sesuatu isu. Ini bukan medan untuk menuding jari sesama sendiri. Marilah sama-sama kita mengambil iktibar dari perkara yang telah berlaku dan yang paling penting adalah melakukan perubahan demi perubahan untuk kemajuan sukan lumba basikal negara.

Yang mengharapkan perubahan

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Azizul to use ACC to gauge his form

PETALING JAYA: Olympic cyclist Azizulhasni Awang plans to gauge his form at the Asian Cycling Championships (ACC) in New Delhi from March 7-17. Azizul could only have a short preparation for the ACC due to a visa snag which delayed his return to rejoin national coach John Beasley at the national training camp in Melbourne. The 26-year-old also skipped the UCI Track Cycling World Championships in Minsk from Feb 20-24. The ACC will also be the first proper international competition for Azizul since he competed in the London Olympics last August. The Dungun rider finished sixth in the keirin final in London. “The ACC marks my return to competition after the London Olympics ... I had a long break and also welcomed my daughter Amna Maryam last November,” said Azizul, who’ll leave for India this weekend. “Then my training programme suffered because of the visa snag ... so, I’m taking the ACC this time as more of a training session. “It will also be a good stage for me to gauge where I stand. It’ll give me an idea of what and where I need to improve when I return to training.”

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Azizulhasni: Tajaan Sime Darby pembakar semangat Read more at:

Azizulhasni: Tajaan Sime Darby pembakar semangatKUALA LUMPUR: Pelumba basikal trek negara, Azizulhasni Awang menyifatkan kepercayaan berterusan daripada Yayasan Sime Darby (YSD) sebagai pembakar semangat kepadanya untuk membutirkan pingat di Olimpik Rio 2016. YSD pada Selasa telah memperuntukkan penajaan sebanyak RM2.85 juta kepada Azizul dan seorang lagi pelumba, Fatehah Mustapa. "Sebenarnya kita berkemampuan untuk memenangi pingat di kejohanan antarabangsa dan Olimpik... walaupun kita gagal raih pingat di Olimpik lampau kita bukan gagal sekali dan selamanya... sebenarnya kita mampu dan berusaha lebih keras lagi," kata Azizul. Menerusi pembiayaan YSD sebelum ini, Azizul layak ke final acara keirin individu lelaki di sukan Olimpik London. Turut cemerlang, Fatehah yang berjaya menempatkan diri buat kali pertama pada temasya terbesar di dunia itu, tahun lalu. Lantas, tidak mustahil dengan tumpuan hanya diberikan kepada dua pelumba ini, impian negara untuk melihat pingat dari sukan berbasikal trek di Olimpik bakal tercapai. Azizul dan Fatehah akan memulakan program ‘Road to Rio 2016’ dengan penyertaan ke kejohanan berbasikal Asia ACC Delhi di India, bulan depan. 

Berita mula diterbitkan pada: Februari 26, 2013 22:20 (MYT) Tag: Yayasan Sime Darby, YSD, Azizulhasni Awang, Fatehah Mustapa Read more at:

2.85j untuk Azizulhasni, Fatehah

(dari kiri) Mohd Azizulhasni, John Beasley dan Fatehah menunjukkan replika cek bernilai RM2.85 juta tajaan Yayasan Sime Darby untuk persiapan mereka ke Sukan Olimpik Rio 2016 di Kuala Lumpur, semalam.

 KUALA LUMPUR - Yayasan Sime Darby semalam menyerahkan tajaan RM2.85 juta kepada dua pelumba basikal trek negara, Mohd. Azizulhasni Awang dan Fatehah Mustapa sebagai persiapan mereka ke Sukan Olimpik Rio 2016 di Brazil. Pengerusinya, Tun Musa Hitam berkata, tajaan tersebut membolehkan kedua-duanya menyertai sebanyak 42 kejohanan sebelum Sukan Olimpik. Tambah Musa, penajaan tersebut diberikan berdasarkan prestasi baik mereka semasa menyertai Sukan Olimpik London tahun lalu. Malah, Musa berharap Azizulhasni dan Fatehah mampu meraih pingat pertama dalam sukan berbasikal di Temasya Rio 2016. "Azizulhasni dan Fatehah telah mencipta sejarah tersendiri terutama untuk layak ke Sukan Olimpik pada tahun lalu. "Sungguhpun kita tidak memenangi pingat pada temasya berprestij itu, namun aksi mereka bersaing dengan pelumba terbaik dunia menjadi satu memori indah," katanya kepada pemberita selepas majlis itu di sini, semalam. Yang turut hadir Ketua Pengarah Majlis Sukan Negara (MSN), Datuk Seri Zolkples Embong, ahli majlis Yayasan Sime Darby, Datin Zaitoon Othman dan ketua jurulatih skuad kebangsaan, John Beasley. Yayasan Sime Darby juga sebelum ini pernah menaja program biasiswa akademik buat Azizulhasni untuk membolehkannya mengikuti pengajian dalam bidang pengurusan sukan di Universiti Victoria, Melbourne, Australia. Begitu juga Fatehah yang meneruskan pengajian bidang pemasaran perniagaan di universiti sama. Artikel Penuh: © Utusan Melayu (M) Bhd

Friday, January 11, 2013

Quiet birthday do for Azizul as visa snag delays return to Melbourne

Family time: National cyclist Azizulhasni Awang enjoyed a quiet 25th birthday do with his wife and three-month old baby girl.Family time: National cyclist Azizulhasni Awang enjoyed a quiet 25th birthday do with his wife and three-month old baby girl.

National cyclist Azizulhasni Awang enjoyed a quiet 25th birthday do yesterday as his plan to return to Melbourne for training hangs in the balance. The London Olympic finalist in keirin has yet to receive his student visa and has had to hold off his return to the national cycling team base in Melbourne, under coach John Beasley, since last month. It will be a relatively slow year for Azizul as he will not be competing in the World Track Championships in Belarus next month after failing to gain qualification points in the World Cup legs. Qualification is through the three World Cup legs for the 2012-2013 season in Cali, Colombia, (October); Glasgow (November); and Aguascalientes, Mexico (January). Azizul did not compete in any of the three legs. Azizul also did not earn direct entry through the Asian Cycling Championships as that honour went to Josiah Ng, who won the keirin final in last year’s edition held in Kuala Lumpur in February. And Azizul may give the Asian Cycling Championships in India in March a miss as well if he’s not in the best shape. Azizul has two World Championships silver medals and also won the keirin and sprint titles at the Asian Cycling Championships previously. “That (the Asian Cycling Championships in India) depends on coach John ... if he feels I am still not ready for competition,” said Azizul. “I was supposed to go back to Melbourne last month but I could not get my visa sorted out. “I have no choice but to wait. It’s okay if I have to wait until the later part of the year for the track season to start again as I’ll have more time to prepare. “The Olympic qualification period is only due to start from 2014 and I’ll probably compete in selected Grand Prix races. “For now, I’m just training on the road in Ipoh.” Azizul chose to spend his birthday with his wife Athiah Ilyana Abdul Samad and their three-month old baby girl, Amna Maryam. “This is the first time I am celebrating my birthday as a father. We cooked and ate together at home,” he said.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Azizulhasni Awang early normal routine now before training

Being a father is great.I must admit that my life is changed after Amna Maryam exists in my world.
Every morning,as early as i wake up,Amna Maryam will be my number one thought!
I will kiss her and tell her to be a good daughter .Become a father isnt difficult but  its very difficult to be a father.Why?u need to become a good role model to your children and always showing them a good deed.Other than that, to prove to your kids that as a father , you can make a difference for children around you. They need a lot more than the right information,they need someone they can trust who will give them guidance, be a positive model, and encourage them along the way.

So take action, dad. Help prepare your children for the challenges of life.

Before i started my training,i will make sure to bring my daughter out to see the things surrounding her.Early morning breeze is wonderful.With the nice scenery,sunrise,green,the quality of air are the amazing creations from Allah.Everything that i see,I will let Amna Maryam knows.Everything that i will do,i will explain to her and definitely my duties as a cyclist too.
Before the cycling jersey goes wet ,cuddle your sweetie pie 1st.By doing this everyday,seriously can give me a vast motivational spirit .Who knows this cuttie pie can cycle as fast as her Abbi.Abbi means Daddy in arabic .
As i told earlier in my previous entry,i really like to watch my fishes everyday at the pond.Is that a pond?hahaha ..well from the water feature to be frank ..Thus,bringing my little Amna to see the fishes is one of my recent routines. Introducing her to listen with the nature,s sound .
I will promise to my childrens, that i will be a good father.Will always strive hard for the family and will not put they down .I found this transformation exciting and it seemed like the next logical step in my life.Becoming a dad helps the process of growing up because you are forced to acknowledge that in the eyes of this small being, you are in charge.

Since then,i go to training everyday with the big grin  :D .Syukur !

Something to share =)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mohd. Azizulhasni, Athiah timang anak perempuan


 MOHD. Azizulhasni mendukung bayi perempuannya yang selamat dilahirkan di Ipoh, semalam. IPOH - Pelumba berbasikal sensasi negara, Mohd. Azizulhasni Awang kini bergelar bapa selepas isterinya Athiah Ilyana Abd. Samat selamat melahirkan bayi perempuan seberat 3.99 kilogram di Hospital Pakar KPJ Ipoh, dekat sini semalam. Mohd. Azizulhasni, 24, berkata, Athiah Ilyana, 26, melahirkan bayi mereka itu menerusi pembedahan pada pukul 6.30 petang semalam, kira-kira 40 minit selepas memasuki bilik bedah hospital tersebut. Katanya, Athiah Ilyana dijangka bersalin pada 18 November ini tetapi terpaksa dimasukkan ke hospital itu lebih awal pada pukul 2 pagi, semalam selepas mengadu sakit perut. ''Pada mulanya, isteri saya dijangka bersalin secara normal tetapi disebabkan bayi besar, doktor menasihatkan pembedahan dan saya tiada pilihan selain bersetuju demi keselamatan isteri dan bayi dalam kandungannya. "Hampir sejam saya tunggu dengan berdebar-debar tetapi selepas melihat bayi comel dan isteri selamat, saya rasa sangat gembira," katanya ketika ditemui semalam. Turut berada di hospital itu, bapa dan ibu mentuanya, Datuk Abd. Samat Sabri dan Datin Amimah Ahmad. Ketika ditanya perasaannya menimang cahaya mata, Mohd. Azizulhasni yang mendapat jolokan The Pocketrocketman memberitahu, ia lebih indah daripada memenangi mana-mana kejohanan lumba basikal peringkat antarabangsa. "Saya tidak dapat hendak gambarkan perasaan saya menjadi seorang bapa selepas menunggu detik ini selama berbulan-bulan," katanya. Menurut Mohd. Azizulhasni, dia akan mengumumkan nama anaknya itu selepas majlis akikah pada hari ketujuh nanti. "Kami sudah mempunyai beberapa nama tetapi kami hendak berbincang dengan keluarga dahulu," tambahnya. Walaupun baharu bergelar bapa, pemenang pingat perak acara pecut Kejohanan Dunia 2009 dan pingat perak acara keirin Kejohanan Dunia 2010 itu terpaksa berlepas pulang ke Melbourne, Australia untuk kembali menjalani latihan. "Isteri dan anak saya akan tinggal dengan keluarga mentua buat sementara waktu sebelum mengikut saya ke Melbourne," ujarnya. Mohd. Azizulhasni dan Athiah Ilyana melangsungkan perkahwinan pada 30 Januari 2010. Artikel Penuh:  © Utusan Melayu (M) Bhd

Monday, November 26, 2012

Introducing my baby girl ..Amna Maryam Azizulhasni

Assalammualaikum...Alhamdulillah.Thank you Allah.We want to introduce you to the newest member of my family, our pocketroket junior . Our baby girl was born on November 6th at 6:30 pm, and she weighs in at 3.99kg. She was about 2 weeks earlier than we expected, and we’re thrilled she came so soon. Wife and I want to thank you for your good wishes via email, Facebook, Twitter, blogs…etc. It really means a lot to us to have great friends who care about us and our family.Thanks again for all of the support and love you’ve given us! It really means the world to us.

 We have decided to name after her AMNA MARYAM BT. MOHD AZIZULHASNI Amna, In Arabic it means safety,protection,peace.Amna will give Ummi, Abbi and herself happiness and peacefulness . Maryam, It means bright and kind. Also is the mother of Isa A.S In the Quran, there is without a doubt no woman that is given more attention than Maryam. She is mentioned 34 times in the Quran and there is an entire chapter dedicated to her and her history, Chapter 19 entitled Maryam. May Amna Maryam be a righteous daughter and emulate the Great fight of Siti Maryam.

Amna is my new spirit to win GOLD MEDAL at upcoming races !
Abbi will do the best for you! For those who likes to follow Amna Maryam ..u can follow her instagram :- amnamaryam

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


ORIS Malaysia, which recently launched its Oris Artix GT Chronograph series, has announced that it is officially sponsoring violinist Dennis Lau.The event also recognised Olympians Pandelela Rinong Pamg and  Azizulhasni Awang for the hard work and sportsmanship in their respective sport by presenting an Oris watch each. Their efforts are also in line with the Oris tagline Real Watches For Real People. “As in sports and music, precision and timing are necessary in watch making and we are proud to honour Pandelela, Azizul and Lau for their achievements by presenting them with our precision timepieces,” says Raymond Tan, general manager of Oris Malaysia.

From left: The pocketroketman,Dennis Lau and Pandelela.We are signing the autograph for lucky winners.

Both 3 names are on the special edition cap.
Azizul Awang-Cyclist
Dennis Lau- Violinist

Alhamdulillah.It takes more than just practice to become an Olympian or World Class Athlete. Support and appreciation from everyone is one of the glimpse for an athlete to keep performed.  Thank You ORIS Malaysia once again for the special watch.Im totally grateful and honour for  this opportunity.

Monday, October 29, 2012

What my activities at home while waiting for wife's D-Day

I grew up at Dungun Terengganu.Terengganu,is a place where you can find nice beaches and clear blue river of fisherman village. But ,honestly i never do fishing at my hometown.
But,recently my interest towards FISH is enormous ! Been trying to be a fisherman at Melbourne twice,but disappointing.

Oh well,i think to keep my own fish farm is a good idea huh .Its nearly 30 fishes are down under my humble pond .At first,i just did that for fun.Anyhow,when you see the fishes everyday,from small to big gives kind of indescribable  feeling!Especially at night,when they noticed you approach the pond,they will gather to give respect to me..LOL

Most of the fishes are good to eat.I think by having my own fish farm will actually save my money to buy the fish outside.Well,to be frank, the taste is way better than the one you get at the market.
I have Ikan Patin,Kelah,Talapia etc.Ever wonder if i finished cycling,i will invent my own fish farm with thousand of fishes .Fish comes second now !I cant be apart for so long since im afraid no body will feed my fish!

Other than that,i love to keep Green .I think by looking at green object it makes you tranquil and relax.
Since i used to cycle a lot to Cameron Highlands,i think by not having my own cactus is something missing.So here we go,i have my own now and i hope my wife will accept my craziness towards cactus instead.

I just have 3,but i believe more to come....

Eid Al-Adha Mubarak

Assalammualaikum W.B.T

 Eid al-Adha also called Feast of the Sacrifice, the Major Festival, theGreater Eid and Bakrid, is an important religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide to honour the willingness of the prophet ʾIbrāhīm (Abraham) to sacrifice his young first-born son Ismā'īl (Ishmael)a as an act of submission to God's command and his son's acceptance to being sacrificed, before God intervened to provide Abraham with a ram to sacrifice instead.

Alhamdulillah,after 4 years celebrated Eid abroad,this is the time where i can be with my family for both Eid,Eid Fitri and Eid Adha.As an athlete,time with families is really limited and u will only get a chance once in a million years.Sometimes,i didnt celebrate because there are a lot of tournaments that i have to participate. However,life as an athlete is really short..sacrificing is needed. Alhamdulillah, this year, i can celebrate my Eid Adha with my wife at Malaysia.

Since my wife is 9 months pregnant,I just celebrated my Eid at Ipoh.I can feel the differences.When you celebrated at East Coast and Utara.They still manage to do all those special raya's menu but the celebration is kinda simple compared to Terengganu .But yes,,the place doesnt matter as long we as Muslim,understand the real meaning of Eid al-Adha.

FYI,during the celebration of Eid al-Adha, Muslims commemorate and remember Abraham's trials, by themselves slaughtering an animal such as a sheep, camel, or goat. This action is very often misunderstood by those outside the faith.Furthermore,Allah has given us power over animals and allowed us to eat meat, but only if we pronounce His name at the solemn act of taking life. Muslims slaughter animals in the same way throughout the year. By saying the name of Allah at the time of slaughter, we are reminded that life is sacred.

As,Eid Al Adha is on Friday, we had our Qurban on Saturday .The duration of sacrifice is three days (10th, 11th and 12th) and two nights (11th and 12th). The 10th of Zul Hijja is the most preferred day of sacrifice, followed by 11th Zul Hijja and then 12th Zul Hijja. The mosque nearby Meru heights had 10 Cows to be slaughtered.
So ,our family cow is ready to be slaughtering .The cow is totally ready to meet Allah .

Gotong-royong session with all the Meru's people.Alhamdulillah..Everything is going so well.And the event ended at 12 pm.

Results from the Qurban..I had yummy gear box soup prepared by my wifey!How about you?

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Menghitung detik ‘Azizulhasni junior’

BERGELAR ayah di awal usia 24 tahun begitu mengujakan pelumba berbasikal nombor satu negara, Azizulhasni Awang dan dia kini hanya mengira detik kelahiran cahaya mata sulung yang dijangka akan dilahirkan pada bila-bila masa saja.
Bagaimanapun ia menuntut pengorbanan yang tinggi daripada seorang isteri, Athiah Ilyana Abdul Samat yang terpaksa menempuh detik mengandung seorang diri apabila terpaksa melepaskan suami tersayang berjuang di Olimpik. Bagi Athiah atau lebih mesra disapa dengan panggilan Tya berkata, biarpun ada kalanya terdetik rasa rindu dengan mengharapkan Azizul berada di sampingnya agar dapat berkongsi perkembangan bayi mereka bersama, namun dia perlu reda akan perkara itu.

“Mujur teknologi sekarang ini banyak membantu. Saya dan Azizul akan berhubung setiap hari tidak kira di mana dia berada. Dari situ saya akan menceritakan semua perkembangan bayi terutama ketika mula berasa pergerakan sewaktu kandungan di usia enam bulan.

“Jadual Azizul memang padat. Terutama sebelum temasya Olimpik dan ketika itulah detik bayi mula membesar. Semua perkara saya buat sendiri. Nak bercerita ada ketikanya dia tak faham kerana tidak dapat menyaksikannya sendiri. Jadi perasaan itu hanya saya seorang yang dapat rasa. Memang sedih jugalah,” katanya yang memang merancang untuk menimang cahaya mata selepas Olimpik. Namun semua itu terubat sekembalinya Azizul ke pangkuan sejurus selepas tamatnya Olimpik dengan Azizul bijak mengisi masa dengan berkomunikasi lebih kerap dengan bayi.

“Antara detik yang tidak dapat dilupakan adalah ketika kali pertama Azizul berinteraksi bersama bayi. Ketika itu waktu malam. Bila Azizul mula bercakap, bayi dalam kandungan saya mula memberi tindak balas. Ia cukup menggembirakan,” katanya memilih untuk berpantang di kampung halamannya di Ipoh.

Tya bagaimanapun perlu melepaskan Azizul pulang ke Melbourne awal Disember ini kerana tuntutan tugas sebagai atlet perlu diteruskan dan dia hanya kembali ke Australia untuk bersama suami tersayang, awal tahun depan. Ditanya mengenai perancangannya berhubung isu penjagaan anak sekembalinya ke Melbourne, Tya berkata, Azizul memilih untuk menjaga anak mereka sendiri dengan membawanya ke trek.

“Azizul berkata, jika saya bekerja dia sanggup untuk menjaga anak kami dan tidak perlu untuk dihantar ke rumah pengasuh atau taman asuhan kanak-kanak. Katanya, jika Shane Perkins boleh melakukannya dengan membawa anaknya ke trek, jadi dia juga boleh melakukan perkara yang sama.

“Lagi pula Azizul berkata, latihan mereka tidak begitu ketat dan dia yakin boleh melakukan tugas itu,” katanya. Mengulas mengenai persiapan bayi, Tya berkata, semua sudah disediakan dan ada beberapa barang seperti katil bayi hanya dipinjam dari sanak-saudara. Memilih pusat rawatan KPJ Ipoh untuk bersalin dan mengakui hatinya kini semakin berdebar-debar, Tya berharap semuanya akan berjalan lancar dan mengharapkan doa dari rakyat Malaysia untuk kesejahteraannya dan bayi.

Harian Metro 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cerita lebaran Ahadiat, Azizulhasni

DIA seorang pelumba yang berdepan debaran dan kepantasan di trek lumba basikal. Seorang lagi 'berlumba' dengan imaginasi dan kata-kata di litar penulisan novel. Double A ini dipertemukan dalam satu sesi fotografi raya bersama selebriti kelas A. Keserasian kimia mereka terjalin sambil berkongsi cerita walaupun berada di lapangan berbeza. Dilihat sebagai selebriti tanah air di lapangan masing-masing, Ahadiat yang sudah berkecimpung dengan dunia penulisan novel sejak tahun 1985 berkongsi kemenangan lebarannya. Begitu juga Azizulhasni yang mencapai kemenangan tersendiri dalam portfolio lumba basikalnya. Beraya di Malaysia Senyum lebar, keterujaan kembali beraya di tanah air sendiri terlukis di wajah pelumba basikal yang mencipta nama di temasya Olimpik 2012 baru-baru ini. "Selepas tiga tahun beraya di Melbourne, Australia saya kembali beraya di Malaysia bersama isteri, Athiah Ilyana Abd. Samat dan keluarga. Insya-Allah isteri saya kini hamil tujuh bulan," ujarnya yang sudah sibuk mencuci rumah dan berkemas untuk menyambut lebaran. Bakal menyambut lebaran di kampung halaman sang isteri di Ipoh, Perak dan kemudian mudik ke kampungnya di Dungun, Terengganu, Azizulhasni mengaku begitu rindukan suasana raya dan bertandang di kampung. Menyentuh tentang raya sebagai sebuah kemenangan, topik signifikan itu ditafsirkan dengan cara Azizulhasni yang tersendiri. "Kemenangan itu adalah selepas kita berpuasa selama sebulan melawan hawa nafsu, lapar dan dahaga. Aidilfitri juga bagi saya adalah penyatuan semua umat Islam sambil bermaaf-maafan," senyum si lelaki yang digelar The Pocketrocketman ini. Daripada segi kerohanian, Azizulhasni bersyukur apabila bakal dikurniakan cahaya mata selepas berkahwin pada 2010. "Semasa menunaikan umrah bersama isteri dan keluarga pada tahun lalu, saya memang berdoa untuk dikurniakan anak selepas saya ke Olimpik. Doa saya makbul dan saya bersyukur. Sekarang semua persediaan raya saya lebihkan untuk isteri dan anak," ucapnya yang sempat memberi barang-barang Olimpik sewaktu di London, Britain baru-baru ini. Menyuntik semangat trek dalam dirinya, Azizulhasni mengaku menganggap basikal adalah separuh daripada dirinya. "Dahulu saya lihat sukan berbasikal ini belum cemerlang. Tetapi sekarang sudah sampai ke peringkat dunia dan saya harap ia akan meningkat. Orang Malaysia juga semakin aktif berbasikal dan ini bagus untuk kesihatan," ujarnya yang memang bercita-cita besar daripada kecil dalam sukan basikal.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Olimpik: Azizulhasni, Fatehah sedia hadapi jaguh dunia di London

1 Ogos 2012 LONDON - Bersaing dengan juara dunia tujuh kali dalam acara pecut dan berdepan pemenang tiga pingat emas dari temasya Beijing bukan penghalang kepada Mohd Azizulhasni Awang untuk mencari emas pertama Malaysia pada Sukan Olimpik London. Pelumba yang digelar 'Thepocketrocketman' itu mengakui lebih selesa bergelar underdog di temasya sukan terbesar dunia ini dan akan memulakan saingan dalam acara pecut 200m individu dan keirin pada Sabtu ini. "Terlalu ramai nama besar dalam acara pecut dan keirin di Olimpik tetapi bukan penghalang kepada saya. Apapun boleh berlaku, apa yang penting, saya fokus untuk memecah kebuntuan pingat," katanya kepada pemberita selepas sesi latihan di Velodrom London yang terletak di Olympic Park, di sini hari ini. Pelumba berusia 24 tahun kelahiran Terengganu itu akan berdepan juara dunia tujuh kali dari Perancis, Gregory Bauge dalam acara pecut 200m individu serta pelumba tuan rumah, Sir Chris Hoy yang juga pemenang tiga pingat emas dari edisi Olimpik Beijing pada 2008, dalam acara keirin. Acara pecut akan bermula dari 4 hingga 6 Ogos sementara Keirin berlangsung sehari kemudian, pada 7 Ogos. Ditanya adakah beliau mendapat rehat yang cukup untuk kedua-dua acara tersebut, Mohd Azizulhasni yang berpangkalan di Melbourne di bawah bimbingan jurulatih kebangsaan, John Beasley, berkata beliau telah bersedia sejak dari Olimpik Beijing lagi. "Saya layak secara merit dalam kedua-dua acara dan merupakan acara kepakaran saya," katanya. Di Beijing, empat tahun lepas, cabaran Mohd Azizulhasni tersekat di peringkat separuh akhir acara keirin dengan menduduki tempat kesembilan sementara dalam acara pecut 200m individu, di tangga kelapan. Bagi pelumba wanita negara, Fatehah Mustafa yang akan beraksi dalam acara keirin wanita meletakkan sasaran peribadi yang tinggi, untuk berada di peringkat akhir acara tersebut. Pelumba berusia 23 tahun dari Terengganu itu dengan pencapaian terbaik menduduki tempat kelima Kejohanan Dunia di Belanda pada tahun lepas juga merupakan pemenang pingat emas dalam acara keirin pada Kejuaraan Lumba Basikal Asia (ACC) 2012 di Velodrom Kuala Lumpur, Cheras pada Februari. Dia memenangi emas itu dengan masa 11.672 saat dan memperbaiki catatan tersebut, sekaligus menjadi rekod peribadi terbaiknya dengan catatan 11.04 saat yang dilakukannya di Kejohanan Dunia di Melbourne, Australia pada April. Mengenai saingannya di sini, Fatehah mengakui bersaing dengan pelumba yang menduduki ranking terbaik dunia memaksa dirinya lebih gigih berusaha untuk menjadi setaraf mereka. - Bernama

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A promise to my baby and wife

Im praying all night long to Allah S.W.T get the GOLD MEDAL in the LONDON OLYMPIC 2012.
I want to prove to my kids ,once she/he sees the wold..She/He must be proud that her/his dad is the Gold Medalist in the London Olympic 2012.My effort is 200 % goes to my becoming baby and my wife .They are my strength to win the game.Indeed,Allah knows what is the best for us always.So,Malaysians pray for me in this most prestigious competition in the blessing Ramadhan.I feel honored to read all your comments and tweets .Thank you very much for those kind words to me.May Allah bless all of you.

 " But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not. 2:217"

"Size dosent matter!As long you have your aim and determination"Azizul Awang

From London Olympic Athlete Village,
Azizul Awang

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

CYCLING: Azizul raring to go

AZIZULHASNI Awang is, barring a bandaged right arm, as fit and ready as he could be for his bid to create history in the London Olympics. Only lacerations on the arm remain from the training accident he suffered last week and team manager Datuk Naim Mohamed said the 2010 Asian Games keirin gold medallist has a confident look about him. "We all know that the Olympics are not easy but self-confidence is very crucial and I am happy to say that Azizul has this in abundance," said Naim at the Games Village yesterday. With Malaysia's road challenge, as expected, fizzling out, all eyes are on Azizul as he has proved that he can match the world's best by winning the keirin silver at the 2011 World Championships. His performances in the World Cup have also been inspiring but that was all before he suffered the horrific injury last when a wood pierced his calf. That virtually ended his 2011 season but Naim said Azizul has forgotten that injury and even last week's crash didn't affect him. "We were afraid that the crash would not only hamper his training but also have a psychological effect on him but he has proved that he is not going to allow minor issues from jeopardising his challenge." Naim said coach John Beasley has started to taper Azizul and Fatehah Mustapha's training as it is a matter of fine-tuning now. "They have trained hard and now it is all about the competition. Fatehah, too, looks good after initially feeling a little overwhelmed with the thought of competing in the Olympics." The Malaysian team now await the respective draws as they will be crucial in deciding the gameplan of the riders. "The draw for an event is normally made a day before and who Azizul and Fatehah are drawn with will determine what strategy has to be employed. Azizul, however, doesn't have to worry about drawing the big guns in the first round as his ranking is high," added Naim. The keirin, Azizul's targeted event, has 18 riders who will be split into three groups in the first round. The top two from each heat will advance to the semi-finals while the remaining 12 will be involved in two repechages to determine the next six. The top three for each of the two semi-final heats will advance to the final with the losing six going for the 7-12 playoffs. Fatehah will be first in action as the women's keirin is on Friday while Azizul's campaign will start with the sprint on Saturday, an event which will be contested over three days. "There are some who feel that Azizul shouldn't take the sprint seriously but Britain's Chris Hoy participated in three events in the Beijing Games and won all three. This is a decision which Azizul and Beasley will make." The keirin will be on Aug 7, with the final scheduled for 12.50am the following day in Malaysia and if he does make the final, Azizul knows that the whole nation will stay up.
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