Monday, October 29, 2012

What my activities at home while waiting for wife's D-Day

I grew up at Dungun Terengganu.Terengganu,is a place where you can find nice beaches and clear blue river of fisherman village. But ,honestly i never do fishing at my hometown.
But,recently my interest towards FISH is enormous ! Been trying to be a fisherman at Melbourne twice,but disappointing.

Oh well,i think to keep my own fish farm is a good idea huh .Its nearly 30 fishes are down under my humble pond .At first,i just did that for fun.Anyhow,when you see the fishes everyday,from small to big gives kind of indescribable  feeling!Especially at night,when they noticed you approach the pond,they will gather to give respect to me..LOL

Most of the fishes are good to eat.I think by having my own fish farm will actually save my money to buy the fish outside.Well,to be frank, the taste is way better than the one you get at the market.
I have Ikan Patin,Kelah,Talapia etc.Ever wonder if i finished cycling,i will invent my own fish farm with thousand of fishes .Fish comes second now !I cant be apart for so long since im afraid no body will feed my fish!

Other than that,i love to keep Green .I think by looking at green object it makes you tranquil and relax.
Since i used to cycle a lot to Cameron Highlands,i think by not having my own cactus is something missing.So here we go,i have my own now and i hope my wife will accept my craziness towards cactus instead.

I just have 3,but i believe more to come....


Hasrizal Abdul Jamil said...

Kind hearted people can be found among those who are kind to animals... who eat them, hehe!

My kelah is a bit kamikaze. Hard to keep them in the pond

Unknown said...

My parent also have their own fish farm but they still buy the fish from supermarket or weekend market because they only keep Tilapia and Patin and unfortunately none of my brothers are 'rajin' enough to catch the fish~~~ kekeke =P

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