Wednesday, October 31, 2012


ORIS Malaysia, which recently launched its Oris Artix GT Chronograph series, has announced that it is officially sponsoring violinist Dennis Lau.The event also recognised Olympians Pandelela Rinong Pamg and  Azizulhasni Awang for the hard work and sportsmanship in their respective sport by presenting an Oris watch each. Their efforts are also in line with the Oris tagline Real Watches For Real People. “As in sports and music, precision and timing are necessary in watch making and we are proud to honour Pandelela, Azizul and Lau for their achievements by presenting them with our precision timepieces,” says Raymond Tan, general manager of Oris Malaysia.

From left: The pocketroketman,Dennis Lau and Pandelela.We are signing the autograph for lucky winners.

Both 3 names are on the special edition cap.
Azizul Awang-Cyclist
Dennis Lau- Violinist

Alhamdulillah.It takes more than just practice to become an Olympian or World Class Athlete. Support and appreciation from everyone is one of the glimpse for an athlete to keep performed.  Thank You ORIS Malaysia once again for the special watch.Im totally grateful and honour for  this opportunity.

Monday, October 29, 2012

What my activities at home while waiting for wife's D-Day

I grew up at Dungun Terengganu.Terengganu,is a place where you can find nice beaches and clear blue river of fisherman village. But ,honestly i never do fishing at my hometown.
But,recently my interest towards FISH is enormous ! Been trying to be a fisherman at Melbourne twice,but disappointing.

Oh well,i think to keep my own fish farm is a good idea huh .Its nearly 30 fishes are down under my humble pond .At first,i just did that for fun.Anyhow,when you see the fishes everyday,from small to big gives kind of indescribable  feeling!Especially at night,when they noticed you approach the pond,they will gather to give respect to me..LOL

Most of the fishes are good to eat.I think by having my own fish farm will actually save my money to buy the fish outside.Well,to be frank, the taste is way better than the one you get at the market.
I have Ikan Patin,Kelah,Talapia etc.Ever wonder if i finished cycling,i will invent my own fish farm with thousand of fishes .Fish comes second now !I cant be apart for so long since im afraid no body will feed my fish!

Other than that,i love to keep Green .I think by looking at green object it makes you tranquil and relax.
Since i used to cycle a lot to Cameron Highlands,i think by not having my own cactus is something missing.So here we go,i have my own now and i hope my wife will accept my craziness towards cactus instead.

I just have 3,but i believe more to come....

Eid Al-Adha Mubarak

Assalammualaikum W.B.T

 Eid al-Adha also called Feast of the Sacrifice, the Major Festival, theGreater Eid and Bakrid, is an important religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide to honour the willingness of the prophet ʾIbrāhīm (Abraham) to sacrifice his young first-born son Ismā'īl (Ishmael)a as an act of submission to God's command and his son's acceptance to being sacrificed, before God intervened to provide Abraham with a ram to sacrifice instead.

Alhamdulillah,after 4 years celebrated Eid abroad,this is the time where i can be with my family for both Eid,Eid Fitri and Eid Adha.As an athlete,time with families is really limited and u will only get a chance once in a million years.Sometimes,i didnt celebrate because there are a lot of tournaments that i have to participate. However,life as an athlete is really short..sacrificing is needed. Alhamdulillah, this year, i can celebrate my Eid Adha with my wife at Malaysia.

Since my wife is 9 months pregnant,I just celebrated my Eid at Ipoh.I can feel the differences.When you celebrated at East Coast and Utara.They still manage to do all those special raya's menu but the celebration is kinda simple compared to Terengganu .But yes,,the place doesnt matter as long we as Muslim,understand the real meaning of Eid al-Adha.

FYI,during the celebration of Eid al-Adha, Muslims commemorate and remember Abraham's trials, by themselves slaughtering an animal such as a sheep, camel, or goat. This action is very often misunderstood by those outside the faith.Furthermore,Allah has given us power over animals and allowed us to eat meat, but only if we pronounce His name at the solemn act of taking life. Muslims slaughter animals in the same way throughout the year. By saying the name of Allah at the time of slaughter, we are reminded that life is sacred.

As,Eid Al Adha is on Friday, we had our Qurban on Saturday .The duration of sacrifice is three days (10th, 11th and 12th) and two nights (11th and 12th). The 10th of Zul Hijja is the most preferred day of sacrifice, followed by 11th Zul Hijja and then 12th Zul Hijja. The mosque nearby Meru heights had 10 Cows to be slaughtered.
So ,our family cow is ready to be slaughtering .The cow is totally ready to meet Allah .

Gotong-royong session with all the Meru's people.Alhamdulillah..Everything is going so well.And the event ended at 12 pm.

Results from the Qurban..I had yummy gear box soup prepared by my wifey!How about you?

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Menghitung detik ‘Azizulhasni junior’

BERGELAR ayah di awal usia 24 tahun begitu mengujakan pelumba berbasikal nombor satu negara, Azizulhasni Awang dan dia kini hanya mengira detik kelahiran cahaya mata sulung yang dijangka akan dilahirkan pada bila-bila masa saja.
Bagaimanapun ia menuntut pengorbanan yang tinggi daripada seorang isteri, Athiah Ilyana Abdul Samat yang terpaksa menempuh detik mengandung seorang diri apabila terpaksa melepaskan suami tersayang berjuang di Olimpik. Bagi Athiah atau lebih mesra disapa dengan panggilan Tya berkata, biarpun ada kalanya terdetik rasa rindu dengan mengharapkan Azizul berada di sampingnya agar dapat berkongsi perkembangan bayi mereka bersama, namun dia perlu reda akan perkara itu.

“Mujur teknologi sekarang ini banyak membantu. Saya dan Azizul akan berhubung setiap hari tidak kira di mana dia berada. Dari situ saya akan menceritakan semua perkembangan bayi terutama ketika mula berasa pergerakan sewaktu kandungan di usia enam bulan.

“Jadual Azizul memang padat. Terutama sebelum temasya Olimpik dan ketika itulah detik bayi mula membesar. Semua perkara saya buat sendiri. Nak bercerita ada ketikanya dia tak faham kerana tidak dapat menyaksikannya sendiri. Jadi perasaan itu hanya saya seorang yang dapat rasa. Memang sedih jugalah,” katanya yang memang merancang untuk menimang cahaya mata selepas Olimpik. Namun semua itu terubat sekembalinya Azizul ke pangkuan sejurus selepas tamatnya Olimpik dengan Azizul bijak mengisi masa dengan berkomunikasi lebih kerap dengan bayi.

“Antara detik yang tidak dapat dilupakan adalah ketika kali pertama Azizul berinteraksi bersama bayi. Ketika itu waktu malam. Bila Azizul mula bercakap, bayi dalam kandungan saya mula memberi tindak balas. Ia cukup menggembirakan,” katanya memilih untuk berpantang di kampung halamannya di Ipoh.

Tya bagaimanapun perlu melepaskan Azizul pulang ke Melbourne awal Disember ini kerana tuntutan tugas sebagai atlet perlu diteruskan dan dia hanya kembali ke Australia untuk bersama suami tersayang, awal tahun depan. Ditanya mengenai perancangannya berhubung isu penjagaan anak sekembalinya ke Melbourne, Tya berkata, Azizul memilih untuk menjaga anak mereka sendiri dengan membawanya ke trek.

“Azizul berkata, jika saya bekerja dia sanggup untuk menjaga anak kami dan tidak perlu untuk dihantar ke rumah pengasuh atau taman asuhan kanak-kanak. Katanya, jika Shane Perkins boleh melakukannya dengan membawa anaknya ke trek, jadi dia juga boleh melakukan perkara yang sama.

“Lagi pula Azizul berkata, latihan mereka tidak begitu ketat dan dia yakin boleh melakukan tugas itu,” katanya. Mengulas mengenai persiapan bayi, Tya berkata, semua sudah disediakan dan ada beberapa barang seperti katil bayi hanya dipinjam dari sanak-saudara. Memilih pusat rawatan KPJ Ipoh untuk bersalin dan mengakui hatinya kini semakin berdebar-debar, Tya berharap semuanya akan berjalan lancar dan mengharapkan doa dari rakyat Malaysia untuk kesejahteraannya dan bayi.

Harian Metro 

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