Saturday, February 23, 2008


World Cup Copanhagen,Denmark..kali pertama aku race di worldcup dlm event individual sprint ngan keirin..b4 nih aku naek team sprint jer..jadik 3rd rider..mayber coach lom nampak bom atom dlm diri aku,aku race individual sprint,team sprint and satu penghormatan besar aku terpilih tuk race Invitation Japanese Keirin where hadiah 1st place 15,ooo euro beb..wahh..aset besar tuh..nak join JKA ni ikut ranking mmg susah ler nak terpilih..aku kire bangga gak ler..huhu..

First sprint..Eddy jadi starter a.k.a 1st rider,josiah jadi pull out rider a.k.a 2nd rider and aku jadik last or finishing rider a.k.a 3rd rider..overall kitorg dapat tempat 12th dari sumer n 10th out of country..kire ok ar..tapi we suppose leh jauh lebih atas ranking kot..josiah mengamuk cuz Eddy wat small mistake yg big impact dlm race..1st fall start cuz tayar slip..2nd start pun tayar slip gak..sumer cuz silap timing..tapi biase ar kot silap2 camni..still lagi dlm learning process..xperlula marah giler2 n mngamok kot..aku puas hati sgt ngan time last lap aku which is 9th faster dari sumer..kire ok ler..alhamdulillah
Hari yang dua..individual sprint day a.k.a 200meter sprint..aku n josiah amik bahgian..after warm biase,godfather a.k.a mekanik kitorg dari USA change gear josiah..josiah nak pakai coach nak suh godfather tukar gear aku 96inchi jer..mentang2 kaki aku kecik..ingat strenght xpower ker..aku ngan yakin ckp nak pakai 98inchi matter wat happen aku totap bkeras cam batu or carbon fiber..then john kasik tapi dlm kekurangan yakin..josiah start dulu dari aku..then die fly 10.59 place kan die ni tangga 24th..after die turun,die ckp humandity highla,beratla track ni n mcm2..die suh aku tukar ke gear 96inchi cam yang john suh b4 nih..aku still yakin ngan pendirian aku..pegangan aku..jgn mengalah sebelom berjuang..then aku fly,time aku 10.385 menempatkan aku di tangga 10th..tu juge adalah rekod baru Malaysia tercinta spt yg dpt anda bace di artikel sebelom ini..hanya 16 org tpilih utk ke 1st roung..suma tuff2..aku bertemu ngan mark french dari australia..nisbah saiz die ngan aku adela 1:5 kot..n die ni cam kerek skit..josiah ckp if aku dpt kalahkan die,die kasik aku helmet yang dpinjamkan kepada aku..helmet ni dlm track cycling ader 3org jer pki kot..1 ngan aku n 2 lagi rider dari Germany yg pakai..wahh,lagi mbara smangat aku..aku pon lawan ngan mark french..amatlah tak dsangka,aku menang..wahh!!skali lagi martabat Malaysia dijulang..suma org bukak mate kpd negara berbunyi Ma-LaY-Sia..ramai giler org salute kat aku..mark tampak malu dan bera ngan aku..pengajaran..size doesnt matter..
Ari same,sesi kedua after finish sprint 1st round..aku masuk quaterfinal..jumper ngan michael bourgain dari France..juga idola aku gak ler..wahh,my pleasure dude..sape xkenal michael besar dlm arena track..mamat laju x hengat..tapi,nahas gak die jumper ngan kancil turbo double nos dari Mas nih..3set gak die race ngan aku,set decider aku silap taktik,then kalah..xper2..still learning..masuk race tuk 5th-8th place..aku race ngan gempak skali n dapat tempat 6th cuz dipotong time skit lagi nak sampai finishing..tapi akhirnye aku disqualify cuz kate komisar aku kuar dari lain sprint..wut ever..rase2 x pon..aku still bpuas hati ngan sumer nih..alhamdulillah..
Sesi ketiga after abis sprint..aku masuk JKA race..aku nak masuk 2nd round cuz nak dapatkan duit gak walaucamner pon..heat aku sumer gempak2 rider die..malas nak taip name dey all..aku dapat 3rd dlm qualify round..diorg amik 2rider jer..omg..sedey2..skit jer lagi..same gak ngan josiah..masuk repecharge pon same..aku 3rd gak..kena himpit ngan Russia..siot..xder rezki year cube lagi..ramai gak ler yg puji race aku..ermm..bangga gak sket+tambah smgat aku tuk wat lagi terbaik next time..Malaysia boleh!!Azizul boleh!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008


Cycling: Youngster upstages veteran
PETALING JAYA: Young cyclist Azizul Hasni Awang stole the show from his more illustrious Malaysian teammate Josiah Ng with a new national record in the 200m sprint in the fourth round of the UCI Track World Cup in Copenhagen, Denmark on Sunday.
The 19-year-old bettered Josiah's previous national record of 10.386 by the slimmest margin of 0.001 of a second in qualifying to make the top 16 of the knockout round.
Azizul's impressive effort of 10.385 saw him emerging 10th fastest while Josiah failed to advance to the top 16. The 2004 Olympic finalist registered 10.590 and was placed 24th out of 51 cyclists who took part in the 200m sprint.
Josiah had set the previous national mark during the opening round of the World Cup in Sydney last November.
Azizul went on to beat Australian national team rider Mark French in the second round to qualify for the quarter-finals, where he was tipped by Mickael Bourgain, who rode for Cofidis.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


January 3, 2008
Malaysia attacks the track
The Malaysian track cycling team, consisting of five of the county's most talented sprinters under the guidance of Victorian coach John Beasley, is setting its sights on the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. The team has spent the past week in Tasmania competing in the Christmas Carnival Series, which for the first time this year, includes a series of sprint events counting towards the UCI rankings. Cyclingnews' Paul Verkuylen caught up with the team's coach during the series' rest day.
Victorian coach John Beasley has been working with the Malaysian track cycling team for the past two years, since the Melbourne Commonwealth games in 2006. Under Beasley's guidance the Malaysian team hopes to deliver results at this year's Beijing Olympic Games and further down the track at the 2012 London games. "We have a pretty young squad, so we are looking beyond Beijing," admitted Beasley.
Results have come quite quickly, with the riders already winning three gold medals in the Asian Games in addition to young Risal Tizin's victory at the Asian Championships. Tizin's gold medal was Malaysia's first medal in a Asian Championships for 24 years and came courtesy of the hard work put in by Beasley and the squad. Beasley believe that these results are simply the result of the structure put in place. "If you take a nation that is not really good at anything and put some structure there, you will see improvements," he said.
These results, coupled with the string of strong performances by the riders in the last two world cups and at the Tasmanian Christmas Carnivals, have left the team now thinking about this August's games of the XXIX Olympiad. "It was my goal, short term, to qualify the guys for the [Beijing] Olympics and it looks like we are going to achieve that," said a pleased Beasley.
Malaysia's government has its sights set firmly on removing its name from the list of third world countries and hopes its sporting successes will help achieve that by 2020. Cycling is a sport that the country has done reasonably well in, so it was an obvious candidate to deliver results.
Although Malaysia is a reasonably large country it isn't blessed with a huge cycling scene, with only around 200 riders nation-wide. This meant the government had to turn to other means of identifying talent to help achieve the results it desires.
"They don't have many registered riders in Malaysia, so most of them come from sports schools," Beasley explained. "They get TID'd [Talent Identified] from an early age and get split up into different sports."
While the system has worked reasonably well, Beasley believes that there are better ways to find and develop talented young individuals. "It was an old Russian coach that set up the current system, so it is a project that I am working on at the moment," he said. "I am trying to change how they identify potential riders, to get a better caliber of athlete."
Indeed all the riders currently in the track program, which consists of only sprinters for the moment, came via the TID program. "Risal Tizin is the only one who came from a riding back ground," Beasley said.
One of the Malaysian squad's talents that wasn't present in Tasmania is Josiah Ng, who has been spending time in Malaysia with his girlfriend and family for Christmas. Ng is the only rider currently in the system to have ridden the Olympics, having made the final of the keirin at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. "It's a big year for him so I am saving him for the bigger events; he is in Melbourne and is very dedicated to his training," Beasley explained.
The five riders on the team all live full-time in the Melbourne, Australia suburb of Brunswick, where they have a three story town house and access to a car for transport. They are all on a scholarship from the Malaysian Government, and have to look after themselves on a day-to-day basis. Beasley says that he thought long and hard about where he would put them in Melbourne, as feeling at home is an important aspect in achieving good results.
"I was mindful of where I put them," he said. "I wanted them to feel the culture and feel a part of Melbourne."
In an effort to combat home sickness, Beasley believes in sending the rider home a few times each year to visit family and friends. "If there is a family wedding or something like that, then they go home too, it's important that they don't get homesick," he explained, before adding that they have adapted to Australian life really well. "They probably know there way around Melbourne better than I do."
Beasley is a firm believer that riding a bike is not the only aspect that makes riders achieve great results. The coach believes a good network of friends and family is an important factor. "I treat them as part of my family," he said. "I think about how I would like to be treated if I was in a foreign country."
Islam is a prominent religion amongst Malaysians, a fact that Beasley is mindful of with his riders and takes this into account when designing their training programs. "Their prayer day is Friday, so sometimes they are a little late to training but that's fine, I respect that," he said. "They train hard on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, and Friday is usually our easy day anyway. I am pretty mindful of that. They pray a little more than us Aussies, but apart from that it is pretty normal."
Another important aspect of track sprinting is tactics, which is why Beasley has brought in retired rider and his old protégé Gary Niewand as a tactical advisor. "The guys idolize him," he noted. "It's great to have his expertise. My side is the coaching side and Gary's is the technical side. Between us I think it is a great combination. I have tried to mould them into a Gary."
To date the program has been a success, with the squad taking some good results in the Tasmanian Christmas Carnival - including a win in the kierin by Azizul Hansi on the first day of the Devonport carnival. The team returned to Melbourne on December 31 and were straight back to training on New Year's Day. The next step on the program for the team is a trip to Los Angeles to contest the third round of the Track World Cup.
If results in Tasmania are anything to go by, the team will continue to build a competitive reputation that won't be discounted by the best riders in the world. Niewand certainly believes that the approach from other riders to the Malaysian squad has changed dramatically. "Before, you would put on a warm-up gear to race against the Malaysians," said Niewand. "Now you know if you're up against them you're in for a good hard race."

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Victorian track championship..atlet2 dari skuad negara yang mengambil bahagian adalah Mohd Azizulhasni,Muhammad Edrus Yunos dan Fatehah Mustafa..Rizal Tisin dan Junaidi Nasir berada di Los Angeles mengambil bahagian di Kejohanan Dunia Siri ke3 bagi mengumpul mata untuk ke Olimpik..masalah visa menyebabkan kami bertiga tidak dapat ke Los Angeles dan menyertai kejohanan ini sebagai latihan..

Hari Pertama:(KEIRIN)
Azizul@aku & eddy@diego mara ke final..bersama2 australian keirin champion,Joel Leonard dan world junior champion,Shane perkins bersama2 dua lagi pelumba dari kelab brunswick..resultnye shane perkins GOLD..azizulhasni SILVER..joel leonard BRONZE..eddy diego 4TH..
Fatehah pula menjadi pelumba pilihan di acara keirin wanita..tetapi akibat leka ketika perlumbaan,beliau terpaksa akur dengan pingat perak sahaja..

Hari Kedua:(SPRINT)
Aku memecahkan rekod peribadi iaitu 10.610 kepada rekod baru 10.510..aku terpaksa berlumba dengan eddy di semifinal..keputusannya aku menang 2-0..shane perkins mara mudah ke final kerana lawan semifinalnya amat mudah..di final aku tidak mudah menyerah kalah dimana kalah 2-1..aku membawa shane perkins ke set penentuan..1st set aku menang,2nd dan 3rd aku kalah..saingan amat sengit dan aku mendapat pujian daripada hadirin kerana persembahan yang amat menarik..tetapi dsebalik persembahan itu aku termuntah2 dan terbaring selama 20minit kerana kepenatan..
Fatehah pula membawa pulang emas di acara kegemaran beliau ini..

Hari Ketiga:(1KM TIME TRIAL)
Aku tidak mengambil bahagian kerana masih kepenatan dari perlumbaan semalam..hanya eddy yang mengambil bahagian dimana beliau memecahkan rekod peribadinya kepada 1:08.084 memadam rekod lame 1:10.210..tetapi eddy amat kurang bernasib baik kerana beliau tidak dapat mencatat bawah 1minit8saat kerana tawaran dari Rizal amat lumayan jika berjaya iaitu belanje makan seminggu..wah..wah..rugi betol..kena trainning lebih lagi la nampaknye Eddy oi!!
Fatehah pula membawa pulang emas lagi pada hari ini dlm acara 500meter time trial dengan masa 36.82..catatan agak baik di luar musim perlumbaan beliau..

Sunday, February 3, 2008


Bowling..tu lah aktiviti kitorang minggu nih..walaupun aku sdikit malas mulanya..rase nak duk umah jer lepak layan dvd ker surf it ker or layan tv jerk..tapi semalam da janji ngan abd adili nak layan bowling so kena tunaikan..xbaek mngkir janji..dosa..
Peserta2 bowling adalah seperti berikut:
Abd adili->kesunyian kerana Kak Tasha ade presentation studynye bout 5hari..bjauhan
Rizal@cheese ->amat bersemangat setelah lame tak sentuh bola bowl ni katenye
Edrus@deigo ->hanya turut maen walaupun kurang mahir ujar beliau
Azizul@aku ->layan jer+bsemangat gak cuz lame xmaen dah benda alah ni
Fateha@mangsa ragging ->”aku dok rajin maen natang ni”..fateha berkata

Pengadil2@tukang perhati@penonton terdiri drp:

Junaidi ->tidak turut serta krn mngalami kecederaan tulang blakang+nak telefon emaknya
Wawa ->pengadil yang adil lagi saksama,sume org die sokong

Berat bola yang digunakan oleh kami:

Abg adili ->nampak mcm otai,katenye slalu main time kat state dlu
Rizal ->bermula agak perlahan di 1st game but tunjuk belang di 2nd game
Edrus ->1st game beliau target bola ke longkang 2nd game baru dpt rentak
Fateha ->1st dan 2nd game maintain jer..40% balingan strike ke longkang

Semua enjoy hari ni+kekembongan kerana togak 2gelas besar coke yg terpaksa beli untuk dapatkan 2frame game..

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Aku bertolak ke Tasmania selepas sehari berada di Melbourne..Sebelum itu aku diberi aktiv rest di Malaysia selama 5hari selepas tamat temasya Sukan Sea di Korat..di Tasmania aku dan rakan sepasukan menyertai perlumbaan karnival sempena kristmas diorang..aku x sambut pon tau!!..aku terpaksa berlumba 4hari berturut2 di venue yang berlainan..sungguh indah pemandangan di tasmania..peacefull..sape2 yang nakkan ketenangan+jauh dari bandar2 sibok+pemandangan kampong bolehla kesini..aku berlumba di 3 buah velodrome berlainan..sungguh dasyat!!di sebuah pekan kecil bernama Laucheston kalau xsilap ler ade 3 biji velodrome x termasuk satu Tasmania..dasyat!dasyat!..di negara ‘Malaysia’ cuma ade 2 buah velodrome saje..satu di Cheras,key ell..dan satu di Ipoh mali,perak..tapi sayangnyer..velodrome di Ipoh sudah rosak dan tak bleh digunakan lagi..sudah banyak kali diperbaiki dengan peruntukkan lebih RM2juta,tetapi hasilnya tetap sama..kerja siape ni!!???patut ar susah sukan nak maju di Malaysia..kalau diikutkan,bajet untuk baiki velodrome tuh mungkin paling banyak pun RM200k..suck!!
Berbalik kpd perlumbaan..5hari xsentuh basikal diMalaysia..balik kampong santap puas2..tambah2 lagi time tu Raye Korban..mendaging+mensup aje pun tau yang kitorang balik makan jer, die cakap race ni as trainning..huhu..tapi result yang ktorang tonjolkan amatlah diluar sangkaan dan diluar dugaan..kire coach puas hati ler..walaupun LIMA ari tak trainning,still menang..ok ar tuh..yang datang plak bukan cikai2..Olimpik champion ade,World champion ade,Australian champion ader n mcm2 champion ler..
Result aku di Tasmania yang paling gempak ialah tempat ke-3 sprint tuk 1st day race kat sane..1st&2nd rider sprint menang 3rd dua kali..4th skali..aku menang Handicap race..1st time masuk Handicap race..penat giler..da ler event tu tuk endurance rider..sebat jer ar,tuk trainning..alhamdulillah dapat 2nd dapat aus600..huhu..dan yang best keirin..aku menang keirin!!event kegemaran aku..aku menang ngan champion2 tuh sume..syukur..kemenangan ni membukak mate banyak sized doesnt matter..aku ler paling kancil dalam final keirin tu...yang lain sumer trailer2 turbo..papepun jalan aku masih jauh lagi..hope meningkat dari semasa ke semasa..dada
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