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CYCLING: Azizul raring to go

AZIZULHASNI Awang is, barring a bandaged right arm, as fit and ready as he could be for his bid to create history in the London Olympics. Only lacerations on the arm remain from the training accident he suffered last week and team manager Datuk Naim Mohamed said the 2010 Asian Games keirin gold medallist has a confident look about him. "We all know that the Olympics are not easy but self-confidence is very crucial and I am happy to say that Azizul has this in abundance," said Naim at the Games Village yesterday. With Malaysia's road challenge, as expected, fizzling out, all eyes are on Azizul as he has proved that he can match the world's best by winning the keirin silver at the 2011 World Championships. His performances in the World Cup have also been inspiring but that was all before he suffered the horrific injury last when a wood pierced his calf. That virtually ended his 2011 season but Naim said Azizul has forgotten that injury and even last week's crash didn't affect him. "We were afraid that the crash would not only hamper his training but also have a psychological effect on him but he has proved that he is not going to allow minor issues from jeopardising his challenge." Naim said coach John Beasley has started to taper Azizul and Fatehah Mustapha's training as it is a matter of fine-tuning now. "They have trained hard and now it is all about the competition. Fatehah, too, looks good after initially feeling a little overwhelmed with the thought of competing in the Olympics." The Malaysian team now await the respective draws as they will be crucial in deciding the gameplan of the riders. "The draw for an event is normally made a day before and who Azizul and Fatehah are drawn with will determine what strategy has to be employed. Azizul, however, doesn't have to worry about drawing the big guns in the first round as his ranking is high," added Naim. The keirin, Azizul's targeted event, has 18 riders who will be split into three groups in the first round. The top two from each heat will advance to the semi-finals while the remaining 12 will be involved in two repechages to determine the next six. The top three for each of the two semi-final heats will advance to the final with the losing six going for the 7-12 playoffs. Fatehah will be first in action as the women's keirin is on Friday while Azizul's campaign will start with the sprint on Saturday, an event which will be contested over three days. "There are some who feel that Azizul shouldn't take the sprint seriously but Britain's Chris Hoy participated in three events in the Beijing Games and won all three. This is a decision which Azizul and Beasley will make." The keirin will be on Aug 7, with the final scheduled for 12.50am the following day in Malaysia and if he does make the final, Azizul knows that the whole nation will stay up.

Sedia julang PocketROKETMAN

LONDON - Saya sudah bersedia untuk mengembalikan sentuhan The PocketROKETMAN, ujar pelumba sensasi lumba basikal trek negara Mohd. Azizulhasni Awang ketika diajukan soalan sejauh mana persiapan untuk menghadapi Sukan Olimpik London 2012, semalam. Selepas sekian lama menyepikan diri ekoran daripada beberapa insiden kemalangan sehingga menimbulkan pelbagai spekulasi daripada peminat, Azizulhasni sebenarnya ada alasan tersendiri. ''Saya dirancang untuk mencapai kemuncak (peak) pada Sukan Olimpik 2012. Jurulatih John Beasley meminta saya jangan terlalu cepat untuk sampai kemuncak kerana kejohanan besar yang menanti adalah Olimpik," katanya yang mengakui keyakinannya semakin memuncak walaupun dihambat kecederaan terbaru apabila terjatuh dalam satu kejohanan di Koln, Jerman antara perlumbaan yang disertainya untuk persiapan ke Olimpik. Menurut Azizulhasni, percaturan yang dibuat Beasley kena pada waktunya kerana dia sendiri dapat merasai tahap persembahannya mengikut seperti yang dirancang. Kemalangan terbaru yang dialaminya mencetuskan kebimbangan kerana ia hampir mengulangi peristiwa hitam Februari 2011 apabila serpihan trek sepanjang 20 sentimeter tertusuk di betis kiri Azizulhasni ketika menyertai Siri Piala Dunia Klasik di Manchester. ''Saya jatuh sikit sahaja. Alhamdulillah tidak serius. Saya tidak ada apa-apa," jelasnya. Jelas Azizulhasni lagi, untuk Olimpik kali ini, dia akan memikul dua tugas besar berlumba dalam acara keirin dan pecut seperti diputuskan walaupun mengikut perancangan awal Josiah Ng diberi peluang berlumba acara keirin. ''Mungkin nasib saya lebih baik apabila terpilih untuk menyertai dua acara ini. Saya juga berterima kasih kepada Josiah yang memberikan sokongan dan mahu membantu saya merealisasikan harapan untuk memburu pingat emas buat negara. Dia bersikap profesional walaupun satu ketika kami terpaksa bersaing untuk mendapatkan tempat. Saya tidak ada masalah untuk memikul dua tugas besar ini kerana saya sudah bersedia sepenuhnya," katanya. Namun Azizulhasni tidak mahu memandang rendah keupayaan lawannya yang lain terutama penyandang emas Beijing 2008, Chris Hoy dan beberapa lagi pelumba dari Jerman, Perancis begitu juga Jepun yang semakin meningkat. Ditanya apakah dia akan meneruskan gaya kayuhan yang sering menjadikan dia menjadi mangsa amaran komisar, Azizulhasni berkata, cara kayuhannya tidak menyalahi peraturan, malah Hoy juga mengikut caranya yang gemar menyelit apabila mendapat peluang ketika berlumba pada Piala Dunia di Melbourne sebelum ini. ''Hanya satu pinta saya, doakan kejayaan saya kerana harapan saya dari awal-awal lagi mahu bawa pulang pingat emas bukan untuk diri sendiri tetapi untuk rakyat Malaysia dan Persatuan Kebangsaan Berbasikal Malaysia dan peminat. - UTUSAN

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Olympic Jersey by Bicycle Line, Italy

As everyone knows, Olympic Games are the biggest event in every 4 years. Everybody has their own aim and the aim is only one to bring the medal to the country. I have been chosen to represent my country, Malaysia and that is a huge responsibility   for me. In order to cope with the duty, everything needs to be considering .Other than mental and energy, I believe my appearance is a must thing to regard. As a proud ambassador for Bicycle Line, I would like to take this opportunity to thanks Bicyle Line for their best, comfortable, aerodynamic jersey especially in giving me the greatest momentum towards the London Olympic 2012.

If you think of style, function and fit I would definitely recommended Bicyle Line. The product itself fit with my shape, my cycling and my aim. To cycle well, the jersey need to have the functionality and technical features .Indeed, im more considering to look good in my attire. Since cyclist, is my profession.
As far as I concerned, not everybody is sensitive to temperature at the same way. Sometimes, some jersey is not appropriate in certain weather. It can make you uncomfortable when cycling.However,with Bicycle Line,no matter where I am,no matter what temperature I’m dealing with, Bicycle Line still provide a suitable jersey depending on the range of temperature.

With the 20 years of experience designing the garments for professional cyclist, I am assured that Bicycle line can give the best anatomic body performance. It can give the best show and results especially during the London Olympic 2012.

Support me and Pray for me in the London Olympic 2012.


Friday, July 20, 2012


After six months of negotiation, Azizulhasni Awang is now endorsed by Bicycle Line Cycling Wear. Bicycle Line Cycling Wear has secured a two-year sponsorship deal with Azizulhasni Awang, Malaysia’s track cyclist who will be representing Malaysia in the upcoming London Olympics 2012. Megabike Sdn Bhd, the Official distributor, represented us in handing out the agreement to the superstar sportsman. Mr Law Wai Keong, the representative of Megabike is proud to have Azizulhasni Awang as the ambassador in Malaysia.

Azizulhasni Awang expressed his gratitude on the sponsorship and when inquired on his hopes for Olympic, he is definitely looking forward to grabbing the Gold Medal. He has also confirmed to the media that he has fully recovered from his previous horrific injury last year. “I can feel that my performance is getting better and better compared to my first season, (based on) my time and my riding skills. Everything is good. …Right before Olympics I will be able to get back my peak performance,” sayd Azizulhasni in an assuring tone.

Azizul Awang now wears Bicycle Line cycling apparel

Azizul Awang now wears Bicycle Line cycling apparel

Azizul Awang now wears Bicycle Line cycling apparel


Only seven days until the big event; just seven days to enjoy till the pleasure of enjoying up close a huge range of sports. London 2012 is starting on Friday, 27th July and the day after, cycling races begin. At 10 o’clock Saturday (28th July), all cyclist begin with a 250 kilometres-route at the Men’s Road Race. Women’s time will commence on Sunday 29th July at 12:00 with a 140km-race. Italian National Team will be at the centre of the attention but Bicycle Line will also especially examine Croatian riders’ performance due to its cycling team wear, which has been developed and produced at Dosson di Casier company.

 Both Men’s and Women’s individual time trials will take place on Wednesday, 1st August. Masculine category will commence at 12:30 pm, while the women’s category is predicted to start at 14:15. Robert Kiserlovski, one of the favourite riders for the overall victory, has had to abandon the Tour de France after a crash with a suspected fractured collarbone last Monday. He also had to say goodbye to his participation at the Olympic event, thereby being replaced with Adria Mobil rider, Kristijan Durasek.

 Bicycle Line is also sponsoring at London 2012 Asian Keirin champion Azizulhasni Awang. The young Malaysian rider is competing from 4th August at Sprint and Keirin disciplines and he will fight to win a medal wearing his tiger kit designed at Treviso headquarter. After the spectacular crash last year, “The Pocket Rocket” is confident of his winning gold medal chances at London 2012 velodrome.

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