Sunday, December 9, 2012

Azizulhasni Awang early normal routine now before training

Being a father is great.I must admit that my life is changed after Amna Maryam exists in my world.
Every morning,as early as i wake up,Amna Maryam will be my number one thought!
I will kiss her and tell her to be a good daughter .Become a father isnt difficult but  its very difficult to be a father.Why?u need to become a good role model to your children and always showing them a good deed.Other than that, to prove to your kids that as a father , you can make a difference for children around you. They need a lot more than the right information,they need someone they can trust who will give them guidance, be a positive model, and encourage them along the way.

So take action, dad. Help prepare your children for the challenges of life.

Before i started my training,i will make sure to bring my daughter out to see the things surrounding her.Early morning breeze is wonderful.With the nice scenery,sunrise,green,the quality of air are the amazing creations from Allah.Everything that i see,I will let Amna Maryam knows.Everything that i will do,i will explain to her and definitely my duties as a cyclist too.
Before the cycling jersey goes wet ,cuddle your sweetie pie 1st.By doing this everyday,seriously can give me a vast motivational spirit .Who knows this cuttie pie can cycle as fast as her Abbi.Abbi means Daddy in arabic .
As i told earlier in my previous entry,i really like to watch my fishes everyday at the pond.Is that a pond?hahaha ..well from the water feature to be frank ..Thus,bringing my little Amna to see the fishes is one of my recent routines. Introducing her to listen with the nature,s sound .
I will promise to my childrens, that i will be a good father.Will always strive hard for the family and will not put they down .I found this transformation exciting and it seemed like the next logical step in my life.Becoming a dad helps the process of growing up because you are forced to acknowledge that in the eyes of this small being, you are in charge.

Since then,i go to training everyday with the big grin  :D .Syukur !


Unknown said...

Great dad you are! How lucky yhe little princess is.

Unknown said...

Great dad you are indeed. How lucky the little princess is.

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